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Vandal Scratches Swastika into Canadian tomb of the unknown

The suspect, described by police as a white man, was wearing a light-coloured sweater, dark pants, a dark tuque and had a black back pack.

Police allege the suspect used the sharp object to carve a swastika on the helmet of the grave stone at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

In a statement, Veterans Affairs Minister Laurence MacAulay called the act “disgusting.”

Apparently the tomb has no 24 hour guard but only from 9am to 5pm, unlike Arlingtons tomb


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Circulate digitally enhanced copies to the local ex servicemen's clubs and bikers bars then allow the police a well earned coffee break


The last scenes of "Inglorious Basterds" springs to mind.

If he is so keen on Swastika's carve one into his forehead at a public meeting and he can spend the rest of his life wearing one.

I am researching a relatives tour in Bomber Command just now and recently read that 60% of all the Canadian aircrew who served in that command were killed.
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This little group of Guardian reading liberals might be a starting point


I wonder where the perp might have got than kind of idea from?


Protesters march to Colorado home that raised Nazi and Confederate flags


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