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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by snips450, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I've got a Vito 115CDI on a 57 plate,at the moment I'm only getting 30MPG.
    I'm looking at getting the ECU remapped,have any of you had this done?
    What MPG return did you get? How much does it cost,as I've had quotes ranging from £199 up to £400.


  2. Think yourself lucky.
    USing works Transit 135/350 this morning I thought I would check fuel consumption, worked out at 15.5mpg....
    Chipping the Vito won't improve your economy much if you are already gettting 30mpg I'm afraid.
  3. Don't Bother. depending how many miles you have done the engine may not have run in properly yet, once it runs in the economy will get better. Also if you have it remapped by a non main dealer it will invalidate your warranty.
  4. I've had it for about 4 months and I've already done 15500 miles in it.So even if I get an extra 5 MPG,it would make some sort of saving.I've also looked on some other forums and they reckon it's not traceable so it shouldn't affect my warranty,as all they're changing is some of the settings via a laptop.

    I would have thought that mooching along the motorway at 70 would have given me a far better MPG return.If I was driving around London then i would only expect 15-20 MPG.
  5. The other option you have its to fit a tuning box to your vehicle, I have one fitted to my vectra CDTi and have gained approx 10 mpg depending on how I drive her, the obvious power and torque boost can cancel it out though if you drive like a loon.

    There are many around, I got mine from might be worth you giving him a call. He has boxes for power as well as economy which can be fitted and removed in 2 minutes.

    You are supposed to however declare any mods you have done to your car is it can invalidate your insurance, think it added £10 to my premium mind thats just one of many mods.
  6. Before you go too far down the re-mapping route try changing your fuel filter. Don't go by Merc's recommendations.
    The other thing that seems to have affected fuel economy in the UK is since the Sulphur has been removed from Derv one seems to get lower MPG.
    For example, in the UK I get between 28 to 31 MPG from the Beautiful Yellow Transit* and in France I get between 32 and 34. The best was 34.9 achieved over a long day of constant speed. I keep a very close record of fuel usage and always have done because I am a boring fatherless.

    Re-mapping is great for increased BHP and it can be worth for fuel economy as well. You really have to look at your annual mileage first.
    I would always suggest trying the basics before going for the more expensive ideas.
    Have you ever had your fuel pump flow tested? When did you last have the injectors checked to see that they are breaking off at the right pressure? As I said, change the fuel filter because they do seem to block up quicker.

    *2.5 DI non turbo with over 200K on the clock now :) and yes, I did do the exhaust gas, EGR valve, modification.

    Just out of interest, what do Merc. reckon you should get from a Vito?

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