Van Helsing

It's not rocket science but Van Helsing is great for a 'leave your brain at home' rainy Sunday afternoon at the movies. It is supposed to provide Hugh 'Wolverine' Jackson with an Indiana Jones style string to his bow and there is plenty of swash and buckle as well as some rather cool special effects (from the makers of 'The Mummy').

Great for a first date as there are lots of scary surprises (it's probably a bit too scary for it's 12A classification) and there is plenty of totty for the chaps. If you have ever gone to bed with a stunning beauty and woken up with a nightmare, the brides of dracula will look familiar.

Couple of too-sickly-sweet romantic moments but otherwise great fun. Now, anyone know where can I get an outfit like Kate Beckinsale's?


Great film, just watching it. The women are outstanding, as are the effects and photography. Worth watching just for Kate Beckinsale. :twisted:

Van Helsing throws Igor on top of a rock and interrogates him. When he lifts Igor off the rock, you can briefly see several sheets of white paper, stapled or paper-clipped together, on the rock. It's probably a script left there by the actors. (IMDB)
Sorry, but I thought it was gash, and when it comes to perving over the delectible Ms Beckinsale, I bow to no man. :drool:

Jackman is usually a safe bet, but with the exception of the Mr Hyde scene, even he could'nt rescue this movie.

And as for the ending...oy! Pass the sick bag! :puker:


That is the most exquisite, bone-raising woodforming female, that ever I will never..... :oops: Still...

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