Van-Damme to get mashed up...

The pint-sized Belgie is going to get his f'cking head kicked in!

Actor Jean-Claude van Damme will fight Olympic gold-medalist boxer Somluck Kamsing in a K-1 muay thai match in March 2010.

This rumor was recently confirmed by Kamsing, who signed the contract for the fight on Sept. 4. The bout will take place in Las Vegas and will consist of five two-minute rounds, said Kamsing.

Van Damme has requested to bar the use of elbows during the fight because he is an actor and does not want his face to get cut or bruised, Kamsing told Siamsport.

Kamsing is a Thai boxer who won the featherweight gold medal at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

Van Damme is a Hollywood action star who trained in martial arts before his acting career began.

So.. the stuff depicted in JCVD is true, then?

the guy is a washed up has been looking for a comeback/payday before his body gives out? Seems a shame.. liked Bloodsport..then he went down hill after that doing movies based on Videogames, crappy pseudo-military cyborg flicks and other dreck before losing it completely..

well, at least he didn't let himself go like Segall..fat b@sterd with that '80's ponytail...


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I thought JC got a brain tumour and turned into a recluse?

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