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Vampish heroine to woo soldiers

Check out this link - and the "related links" half way down on the right hand side.


I was sent an intranet link to these last week and thought it was a wind up! While the bird is rather saucy and I was contemplating a trade transfer I couldn't believe the Army would have sanctioned their release!!

"Posters approved by the office of Chief of Army Lieutenant-General Peter Leahy, depict the modern woman digger as a buxom, full-lipped wonder woman with a sculpted body wearing a tight fitting uniform."


Now, surprise surprise, people "on the outside" are having a winge!
But also gets you in trouble with fat munters who think the use of fit birds to "tempt" young squaddies/diggers to join the MPs for example is not right!

Top ads though!

THE Department of Defence has scrapped recruitment advertisements criticised for their alluring content.

Defence spokesman Brigadier Andrew Nikolic said the military received complaints about the cartoons and recognised that sections of the community found some of the material inappropriate.

"As a result the chief of the defence force directed last Wednesday that the material be removed," he said on Southern Cross radio.

In one of the advertisements for the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps, the modern woman digger is depicted as a buxom , full-lipped wonderwoman wearing a tight-fitting white nursing outfit.

The posters, approved by the office of Chief of Army Lieutenant General Peter Leahy, included images of a uniformed brunette stirring a pot as a cook; wielding a large spanner as an engineer; singing up a storm with the army band and striding across the helicopter tarmac in a skin-tight flying suit.

The cartoon heroine fairly bursts out of her white medical gear in the Dental Corps poster.

"We want you" is the message scrawled across the posters in Indiana Jones script.

Unfortunately, many women in the military did not believe the "you" as depicted even existed and believed the posters sent inappropriate signals.

One senior air force officer was appalled by the portrayal.

"I think they are woeful and say a lot about how army males see the world," she said.

"They surely couldn't work and we wouldn't necessarily want the type of women attracted by the posters.

"I hope the RAAF doesn't go the same way."

The sexy Digger's male comrade is a chiselled-jawed man in skin-tight overalls.
I saw the posters at work yesterday, I can't believe the ADF pulled the plug on them.

Bloody pinko lefty hippies are down here too!

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