Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LordVonHarley, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. I've just started to watch lost Boys on Bravo, one of my all time favourite film's. It got me thinking about three things.

    1. How come we never had a Legion of Vampires to defend the Empire (or what's left of it)
    The Victorians had a love affair with the super natural, the Nazi's had a throbbing boner for the occult and all things mystic.... The Russians had some weird blood disorder and snaffled vampire havens in Eastern Europe.

    2. If we did have Vampires in the Armed Forces what would their Regiment be called, motto, role be etc?
    Queens own Blood Suckers? .......... Oh wait, that's the tax man.

    3.I want to stake Star
  2. The undeath or glory boys?

    funnily enough, the 63rd Foot was known as the Bloodsuckers
    and the 3rd Foot were known as the Resurrectionists too, apparently.

    both seem rather apt for a Vampire regiment..
  3. You mean noone ever told what SBS really stands for?

    Special Blood-Suckers! :twisted:
  4. Don't know about being a vampire but i'd suck the clotted blood out of her clack each month.
  5. Sleep all day, party all night.
    Never grow old, never die.
    It's fun to be a Vampire! :twisted: 8)
  6. Wouldn't they all be technically ' traitors'??

    After all vampires suck on you, then three days later you turn into one..
    So, biting the 'enemy' turns them undead and then they come after the usual crowd of screaming villagers...

    you'd have to have an ancillary unit following along behind the undead legions ' mopping up' as it were... staking the 'victims' through the hearts, splashing holy water on them, cutting off their heads and stuffing the holes with garlic and then placing a crucifix on the remains...bloody hell [ pardon the pun ] but that sounds like a lot of scut work for the 'support unit' while the glory boys flaunt around in black satin capes baring their choppers and putting the moves on the local wenches...

    no doubt the RAF would be staking [ sorry ] a claim for the right to be the Vampire Squad, after all bats fly and there used to be a jet plane named a Vampire wasn't there?

    Army would have to settle for being Zombies [ Nazi's had 'em.. saw it in a film once ]..

    leaves nothing for the Navy..which iis probably a good thing...
  7. I FVCKING KNEW IT!!!!!! It's a conspiracy I tell you!!! :D

    It's not Paul the Polish Plumber, It Sven the Soul Sucking son of a b1tch vampire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christ the Immigration service has a lot to answer for!
  8. Good point but they could just drain the "victims" of blood and kill them that way. However this would be like putting them on a super size me diet and they will balloon in size and have to join the Really Large Corp (V*)

  9. I always thought that if you got bitten by a vampire, you would turn into a vampire but would be subservient to that vampire and any other one that bit you as well.
    So all you'd need is a corps of Officers and SNCO's and you could unleash them on the battlefield to 'recruit'. So long as there was a definite officer that the other vampire Officers and NCO's were subservient to, all subsequent vampires would surely also be subservient to the head vampire officer even if he didn't actually turn that victim personally.
    So the undeath or glory boys could be one of the most disciplined regiments instead.
  10. always thought my ex was a blood sucking b!tch queen from h3ll ..... perhaps I was more right than I imagined. I just thought she was doing voluntary work down the blood bank!
  11. The G4 element needs thinking about, what is the NSN for holy water for example and training would be required for the "stake" PL, what are the NSP's for a stake and what are the IA drills..

    Stake pierces,
    Stake pierces,

    Stake stops.

    Do you need a stake sharpening tool? What's the NSN for a stake sharpener (Vampire)?

    More thought required.
  12. Since vampires are immortal the chances of promotion would suck.
  13. True Blood has just started on FX. Worth watching, if only for Anna Paquin... :drool: :drool: