Vampires Teabags

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by JamesBatters, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Would like to know from anyone who's tried it, or even anyone who's mums mates cousins uncle bob has tried... Does putting a vampires teabag (Tampax) on each of your shoulder stop rubbing/soreness/blisters ect when carrying a full load on your back, or is this just a load of bollocks?
  2. No need for the definition, sarky bastard. But i suppose your right, just wanted to know if it was a done thing or i'd be the companys tit head.
  3. and I can't see that every happening, oh no.
  4. At the risk of making a sensible contribution, if your webbing/bergen is causing you dramas, ask one of the senior bods to take ten minutes and make sure it's fitted correctly. It is a two-man job to do properly, but it doesn't take long. If it's correctly fitted (and correctly packed), PLCE really isn't that uncomfortable - or at least not to the point of bergen burn.

    As to soreness - well, that's a side effect of using your shoulders to keep your kit off the floor. It comes with the territory.
  5. :)

    Munch Me
  6. Have you tried the MTFU method?
  7. Now wouldn't one of those be nice! haha. Cheers mate
  8. I see no reason why tampax(tampons) would be of any use. They are small cylindrical items and will give no padding of any value. Even when you start sweating and they absorb the sweat they are still not exactly what one would class as useful in the padding department. Are you maybe confused between tampons and towels? Although even then, as the big boys have said, get your kit fitting properly with a bit of assistance and you should be fine. I have very boney shoulders and have no issues with the issue kit. If you really are struggling a folded face cloth or some cotton wool on a roll might be a better idea.
  9. A couple of FFDs zinc-taped to your collar-bones might offer more relief.
  10. Atleast with the towels they have self adhesive wings to ensure they stay stuck in place.
  11. Apologies for my obvious lack of knowledge about the bit of my cotton my girlfriend says she's bleeding into every time i fancy a shag. So yeah, definite mistake about the tampon/towel thing. The towel idea only came about because of seeing someone doing it on telly, and a mate of mine admitting to it as well. Only put the post up on here to see if it was known about/useful before i went dipping into mummy's stash or requesting they become standard issue...
  12. If you wear tampons you can go horseriding, swim and play tennis like a pro. Or so it says in the ads on telly.
  13. Yeah i heard that too! I couldn't do any of the three before, so i might pop one in and see how it goes!
  14. Put a tampon behind your ear so you can remember the **** who stole your pencil.