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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by PotYos, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. Had an interesting chat with a relatively senior officer in my unit at a social function. He told me that the main reason i'm in my present rank is because I air my opinions and sometimes the CofC don't like to hear what I say.

    This is coupled with a Seargent Major who is keen to impress upon everyone the importance of the British Army's values and standards. This is my issue. One of the British Army's values and standards is integrity, which it defines as

    I like to believe that I have these qualities but have been effectively told that I am held back from promotion because I am too honest and sincere. Now, i'm not going to prostitute my integrity for a promotion, but I am frustrated being told that by maintaing this fundamental value I am pressing pause on my career.

    This is mainly a rant, but would appreciate anyone elses thoughts.
  2. PY,

    Taking your post at face value, it's not always a case of what you say, but how, where and when you say it.

  3. I have to admit that we had both consumed quite a decent amount of alcohol but the message was clear.

    I am fairly outspoken (Even I will agree that) but not in a barrack room lawyer kind of way and I apreciate the army isn't a democracy and all those other cliches but the implication was even I see something wrong I should just put my head in the sand and let it go, and allow my career to progress.

    Hmm, perhaps i'm still just a little bitter and twisted at the moment and will look back on this post with horror in a weeks time, until then I shall vent my frustrations on Arrse.
  4. Check your pm's potyos
  5. I vent my opinions but the boss says im gobbing off :?
    Fair one :D :roll: :wink:
    back to me beer :p
  6. funny. i gob off but am told i am just expressing my opinions :)
  7. It was meant sincerely but banter is taken in good humour.
  8. always tell the truth, just not necessarily the whole truth......

    It's all about being straight with people, and also how often you put that across.

    Are you being too vocally honest and sincere?

    If you have some one who reacts badly to perceived criticism in your Cof C and he hears what he thinks as personal slights against him on a regular basis, it will have an effect.

    Question is how do you rate your chain of command?
    if it's good, faults on your side, if its bad vice versa.

    either way, with christmas coming up, play it easy at the next few functions, relax over leave and get some perspective on your unit and yourself.

    Answers pitch up in their own time
  9. Maybe it is interpreted that you do not possess good judgement in the manner in which you express your integrity. Perhaps lack of judgement may be preceived to be more important than oodles of integrity?

    I dunno, I'm not your boss.
  10. I am constantly told that i am over generous with my opinions but most of the time its due to frustration. How many times have we seen the wheel re-invented by a new head shed. I'm a firm believer in "if it aint broke dont try to fix it" but get sick of people trying things that have been done before which didnt work.

    We should all be striving to raise the standards and efficiency of our units and if that means a drunken chest poke in the mess for someone to get their point across then so be it.

    We are soldiers and not politicians and do not have the luxury of a team of spin doctors to put our points across eloquently.
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  11. Having a face that fits comes into it. There are many examples of people who F*** up yet still gain promotion & others where decent blokes are 'passed over' for no apparrent reason. I guess it'll stay that way until the dreaded CR reporting system is dragged into the 21st Century!
  12. Fingers; I would go with that. There is also the saying of the right thing at the wrong time while others say the wrong thing at the right time.
  13. I think that where ever you are managment in what ever form it takes looks for people who will support their view of life to promote, so you may be good, even bloody good but if you are perceived as some one who will not be supportive of the senior management line then promotion is not really an option.

    Been there got the tea shirt, nearly got sacked, just because I told them the truth as I saw it. Looking after the lads does not always make you a promotion candidate. Having said that the lads come first.

    I would suggest that in all fairness he was giving you a tip on how to get over the hurdle next time and perhaps if you play the game you will take another step up the slippery slope without compromising your principles.