Values and Standards question.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Au_Courant, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. A box of OMO washing powder left on a kitchen windowsill in days gone by apparently signified 'Old Man Out' as an invitation for a bit of extra curricular bedroom action with the lady of the house.

    An old joke but it raises a more topical debate though; what if that acronym was changed to 'Old Man on Ops'?

    So the exam question: Caught bonking the partner of someone who is deployed on Ops, should you receive an automatic AGAI 67 award of dismissal from the service for Gross Misconduct? (Don't pick me up on the exact wording, the question is should you be kicked out or not?)
  2. All depends if you knew the shagee was married / had a partner.

    If you didn't know then the slut should be birched.

    The slut.
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  3. No

    Not if it was consentual:)
  4. I have no values and only two standards, female and alive.
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  5. Stupid question, of course not - it takes two to tango...
  6. I've just noticed that this thread is in the Royal Signals forum which raises a couple of questions;

    1. Is there very shortly going to be a high profile case of a Scaley getting done for humping the spouse of another?

    2. As it is in the Royal Signals forum, will all presumed shagging be of a homosexual nature?
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  7. Fuckin' 'ell it's only sex - as long as he doesn't move in with her, what's the problem, why not sort it out like men instead of shit-lips beurocrat stabs?
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  8. Depends on if the offender managed to get a zap sticker on the back of the headboard without getting caught!

    While working rear party I remeber taking a detour from manchester to portsmouth via newport in wales to get a quickie and wasn't until I was leaving the lil whores house I noticed the wedding photo next to the front door of her and her Marine hubby, whom although I didn't know him personally and nor did I have to work with him, I happened to know was from my unit and was on ops at the time- felt sick knowing I'd plowed his over half while he was out on ops and was glad I had been drafted before he'd returned, as I dont think I'd have been able to look him in the eye again!
  9. They should both be murdered
  10. Termination of Service would not automatically follow a straight forward extra marital 'bonk' whether the partner is on ops or not. If the act adversely affects an established relationship and/or attracts media interest the sanction should be an Expression of Displeasure or Reduction in Rank. If, however, the 'bonking' had multiple aggravating factors, such as coercion, violence, taking advantage of age, rank or appointment which is linked to operational considerations, then Termination should be considered and rightly so.
  11. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Values and standards question was asked. If they are found to be broken then should there be disciplinary action and if deemed neccesary automatic dismissal from service or should we turn a blind eye, sweep it under the carpet and then set precedence for the future of the Corps?

    If you do the crime then do the time.
  12. Why would doing that in a civvy job get you sacked? The whole question is gay anyway!
  13. llech:"Why would doing that in a civvy job get you sacked? The whole question is gay anyway!"

    Well as a rough answer; probably because 'civvy jobs' don't entail a clear set of formal values and standards used to underpin operational effectiveness whilst potentially getting fragged somewhere hostile.

    Out of interest, how can a question be gay?
  14. This exact issue is covered in a really badly acted video that us STABS have to sit through as part of the MATTS test.
    So-You sit through the videos.
    You are signed off as knowing this is a Bad Thing to Do.
    You go ahead and do it anyway.

    IF you get caught-Too bloody right you should get charged!
  15. I hope there is a Statute of Limitation on this, I was at it from 1969 to 1991, got caught
    once or twice, once by one of them Sailor thingies but it turns out it was all fixed up
    beforehand...he wanted to watch some one bang his Broad and I gladly obliged,
    got Egg and Chips as well....result.

    The OMO box originally meant 'On My Own' and was placed next to a Candle in the
    window, well it was in Minden when the Inf Regt was over the water, fcukin Minkies
    cottoned on sharpish and put Patrols out on the Pads Areas...thank fcuk for Boxhead
    Balconies........Oh My, Shorty see through Nighties and French knickers, back scuttling
    in the Bathroom away from the Rug Rats.....We should get a fcukin' Medal for keeping
    the little Darlings happy, never mind a striped suntan!