Values and Standards / Inappropriate Behaviours (Training)

Does anyone have a link to the Values and Standards pages and guidelines on appropriateness of behaviours, particularly with reference to potential unequal treatment by gender of officer cadets by a senior officer on DS?
"Have the actions or behaviour of an individual adversely impacted or are they likely to impact on the efficiency or operational effectiveness of the Service?"
You really think we are going to answer that one - if you have a problem I would suggest you use your CoC and speak to your Pl Comd, Coy Comd et al, Padre or AWS if you are desperate. All these are duty bound to listen to your complaint and if it is deemed appropriate action will be taken.

Warning you had better have good grounds for the route upon which you are about to embark. If someone has shouted at you deal with it if its more than that then make you statement. However this does not mean you are right bear that in mind.

Going through Sandhurst is akin to P Coy and the RM Commando course its there to toughen one up and make you into an Officer to Lead Soldiers - in fact you are trained by those which you will one day Command. By that very nature - it can be a real bitch at times.

So think on and if you have a genuine gevience use the CoC accordingly.

Baz - thank you for this. I will PM you.
Of course if you are not a 'biff' but an instructor/Commander there is always the Bristish Army Values and Standards - A Commanders Guide which will give you a heads up (also available in Junior Ranks version - smaller book in bigger writing). Also the MATTS 6 package covers this from atraining perspective also.

Hope this helps


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