Value of the Fitness Tests

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Outstanding, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. How can these be improved? Do they achieve anything or should they be carried out more often (monthly) ?
  2. IMHO the BPFA is a bit pointless, it doesn't realy prove anything. The CFT on the other hand is a fairly usefull test, and I think it should be carried out more often, at least bi-annualy; with some more useful test on the end, other than the lifts and jumps, perhaps the APWT could be combined so you have to do that at the end, or fire and manouvre drills.

    Just a tought :?:
  3. Guys this all a question of terminology. The word test implies that a persons performance (pass or fail) will be reflected in their CR/ course report / promotion prospects. The problem with this is that some people just dont perform well under pressure. They just kind of go to bits and dont do very well. Bless them.
    If however you rename it an assessment then it is a different story. People enjoy assessments. They are fun, they settle your curiosity as to how well/ badly you performed. Add to this an attitude of "I mean when the last time we had to actually run anyhwere?" by the CoC and you are on to a winner.
    I reckon that by sacking all tests/ assessments and having a 'Fitness Honesty board' in each unit we will be on a winner. Injuries would drop, man hours saved by not doing unit PT and blokes in post not on those silly PTI courses.
    If the tests must stay then may I propose a French United Nationsesque veto whereby senior ranks can ignore any recommendations by the PTI that a person has failed the test. Especially if said senior rank has previously promised to RTU anyone failing the test.
    I heard that the BPFA was changing but lets face it it couldnt be any easier. If the army sat one tomorrow at least 50% would fail. A CFT style one would be better but the main problem is that units lack the determination to chase up those who fail. I have never seen anyone punished/ given remedial training to sort out their PT. I am guessing that this is from either an RMP or a Clerk. RMP certainly dont give two shits about phys standards (a few guys excepted) and as i dont know too much about the Clerks, then I shouldn't comment.
    Basically the test/ assessment (which is a get out clause for the army anyway) is easy and yet people fail it and nothing happens to them, there is no incentive to do so. The higher pay scale has just come in and so even the fattest laziest LCpl will earn the same popstar wage as those who bother to look after them selves, where is the incentive?
    Having spent 9 years in, 7 as a PTI i have just cottoned on that really, no-one gives a toss if you are fit or not. Saying that I will have to throw myself around the area in the morning to shake this ale off.

    Any other frustrated PTIs fancy a rant?
  4. As an Ex PTI, I back you Mighty-Blighty, I do believe that the CFT should be followed by an APWT for all arms. Also results should be reflected in pay. My other recommendation would be that the weight each person carries should be in proportion to their bodyweight. Obviously personal weapon weights could not be altered, but why should a seven stone person carry the same weight as a seventeen stone person?
  5. Agree with both of you that pay and fitness can be linked, perhaps with deployablility and employment. You may still to recognise the worth of a less fit, but long serving indiv who mainatined a high fitness standard during their key service years, but through age, or injury has not had their fitness eroded.
  6. to recognise the worth of a less fit, but long serving indiv who mainatined a high fitness standard during their key service years, quote]

    Agree too with the above Outstanding, I have known very experienced and useful service members who were totally unfit, mostly in their later years, who's valuable contributions to their unit would have been lost if they were 'chucked out' of the unit because of their fitness level. However, if fitness affected their pay, I wonder how many would rather stay in on reduced pay or get medically discharged?
  7. Beh, my fitness is crap anyway so i'm not going to comment.
  8. Umm - you just did!
  9. There wasa time when I was a member of a Battalion that did a CFT once a week!

    These days there are times when I find it hard to believe how fit I must have been, and worse how unfit I am now by comparison.

    Still as I am now too old to even consider joining the TA, though I probably would be accepted for he HSF if they were still around.

    Maybe it is time for me to consider the Legion of Frontiersmen, though I might be too young!
  10. I disagree. The load you might carry into battle is the same if you're 7 or 17 stone, so the test should reflect that. I also believe that the idea of using bricks/bags of sand as weight is pants. Who takes bricks/bags of sand into battle (waiting out for puns now). The laod that you carry should be the equipment that you take into battle with you. No more, no less.
  11. The BPFA is a bit pants. It takes a lots of people over 1.5 miles to warm up properly and get their breathing right etc. Sit ups don't test abdominal strength that much, they test your hip flexors. The cft is a reasonably realistic test and should be carried out more frequently. Some of the tests you have to do at the end of a cft are a bit odd. How many people (not commando trained) can do a regain? Not many and I can't remember ever being taught how to do one. I understand the principle that you should be able to do stuff at the end of a cft but do something realistic such as an apwt. The booties have to shoot once they've finished their endurance course and have to pass. If it's got enough for the booties it should be good enough for us.
  12. Read MATTS guys - they are great!
  13. At my last unit we started a Rumour that the CFT had changed and the total weight was 17 stone including body weight so if you were 17 stone or over it was pt shorts and trainers
    was a scream watching the young 5 stone racing snakes panic
  14. get over 50 fast!