Value of Operational Tours

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Outstanding, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Does the training value of the current Operational tours outweigh their political siginifigance?

    More simply. is it wortwhile for us to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan, accepting that guys will get killed, whether or not we are making any difference; or even if we know that we really cannot "win" - simply because it is good training and better than being stuck in Barracks?
  2. I don't think that training is worth dying for!
  3. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    All armies do actually need wars or conflicts in my opinion, the thing is that anything longer than about 12 months grinds a force down reducing effectiveness.

    If nothing else armies get far more upgrades in kit and equipment or changes to organistation when problems become apparent during active deployments.
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    Conflict is invaluable. Length of tour and the number of commitments aren't allowing a force to recover and re-train using 'lessons learned'.

    Death is an unfortunate part of experience. Soldiers die in training, this chance will only increase in conflict. Is it worth it? If the death was for nothing then no.
  5. I guess thats a different question (Was the death for nothing?). But on the whole you seem to be impling that the value of the environment outweighs its' rsiks?
  6. Cow

    Cow LE

    To and extent yes. We do a risky job, the risk is that in supporting our Queen and our Governments Foreign Policy that we may give our life (willingly or unwillingly)

    Soldiers can still die on exercise, yes not to enemy fire but it still happens however careful you try to be. Would a soldier rather be on Salisbury plain digging in or applying the skills and techniques he's learned there in a combat situation?

    As Schaden said, the problem will come when the force is worn down and unable to have sufficient time to recover before they're out on tour again: Is this happening now? Probably.

    I never can answer the question posed.... :oops: We're stuck there for a unknown period. May as well do something with our time there.
  7. Think thats getting more like a definately now. In some respects though how can they think that this is a training aid when in some cases we are just being target practice to the Teleban, then get shat on the minute anything goes wrong by the media.
    I heard some wise old man say when I was a kid 'that WARS were there to dilute the population and help the world survive with numbers it could cope with.'
  8. Just what did you join the Army for then, was it for three meals a day, a nice uniform for pulling the girls and a chest full of medals won in combat at the NAAFI Queue. You are the governments muscle to impose their policies as and when they see fit, and if that seems to be waste of life then vote for another Government, or find another job when you time is up.
  9. Whos this aimed at :?
  10. Cow

    Cow LE

    Himself looking at his username! Some people did join up just for that, bit like some of the TA, shocker when asked to do their job. Dunno what happened to the nice uniform, anyone get one of them?
  11. To say that current operations is good "training" is strange. You train for operations you don't go on operations to train. Thats like saying that the World Cup would be good training for Wayne Rooneys time in practice with Man U.

    There is no arguing its improved the quality of soldiers in the army however we should remain in place until whatever aims the government have set themselves have been met. Then we should pull out and after a short rest. Begin training again.
  12. Good answer BC. I am slightly less clear as to how this Op tempo improves the quality of our troops. It may increase their experience and mature them, but the quality is a fixed thing that is detrmined by the society from which they come. I might alos add that whilst you train for ops, you do learn different lessons on ops that effectively are a form of training, even if its on the job!!
  13. At the end of every tour I come back two stone lighter, six grand richer and sporting a rather spiffing tan. How could we possibly question the value of op tours?
  14. Fcuk i remember when it was 50p extra aday for IRELAND and no food & accom
  15. Not sure if you can measure that today!