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Parker's price guide - can buy it at any newsagent's (almost any), cost under a fiver, very accurate. Do not use Carcraft or webuyanycar or similar - they will quote you a price online, and then when you turn up with the car they will examine every single tiny nook and cranny - the SLIGHTEST defect (and I do mean slight) and they will knock hundreds off. The only good thing about websites like that is you can take the quote they give you into a reputable garage, show them what you have been offered, and see if the garage will better it.
Bukem said:
As above, *******, who will buy any car, as long as they are not paying anywhere near what the car is worth. I have used and found them to be quite accurate when comparing final selling or purchasing prices.
Agreed, have used wisebuyers myself and found them to be a pretty good guide.

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