Value for money?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by twosup, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Here is a question for you, do the TA give value for money to the Nation? No I am not a journo, just a dissallusioned, (spelling) soon to be Ex PSI.
  2. do the ta soldiers do just as good a job in the thearter as a regular?
  3. quarter of the Army is TA, i odnt think value comes into it. More of a necessity me thinks :scratch:
  4. A minority do a better job than most regulars, but the vast majority of TA soldiers, through no fault of their own, do not have enough experience at trade, I am REME by the way.

    That is not really what I am on about though, I really mean the lack of people (in my experience) who put themselves forward for a tour, as there is no sign of compulsory call ups again in the majority of trades.

    My Bn must have spent millions of pounds over the last couple of years with only a couple of soldiers deploying on tours.

    So my question stands, do the TA give value for money?
  5. then by ur answer i would have to say they have as much military and monitary value as any youth organisation. i find it hard to understand the mod spending so much money on training an such when like u say no one is forced to goanywhere surely one forced tour of duty in a three year service period would make more sence
  6. Agreed. A tour every 3 years may be excessive for a STAB (no offence I'm an ARAB), but surely an open ended agreement is too far the other way.

    Budget restrictions are biting everywhere nowdays, and I honestly do not believe the tax payer is getting value for money. It may be different with some Infantry TA Units, that is outside of my experience, but it just seams a huge waste of money when the rest of the Army goes short in lots of areas.
  7. No bites?
  8. Not sure I would class it as a 'Youth Organisation'!

    To dictate a compulsory tour every three years would be impractical for many reasons, recruiting and retention, employer relations, regular requirements to name but a few.

    I can see what you mean but we are still a 'volunteer reserve'. I don't believe the TA has not fulfilled their requirements yet for manning, but if I am wrong then I am sure a torrent of corrections will follow shortly.

    As for the financial side? 1/3 of the cost of a Regular, no pension, long term care etc. The TA has run for many, many years now and only in the last few have we actually been used on a meaningful basis, surely not the time to question value for money?
  9. i meant like the afc get a few cadets that join up and go to fight the ta get a few volanteers going not meant in a derogatary way sorry the ta lads
  10. acf sorry
  11. More of a nibble, but surely as a PSI you are one of the key figures to train and direct people on to tours to support your regular colleagues...
  12. Direct yes, but if there are no takers then what? anyway my time as a PSI are over, back to the rest of the Army with all its compulsory tours etc. I am happy with that though, out of the loop for a couple of years and now back in. Oh to have a captive work force......

    I am not in any way anti TA, just found myself dissalusioned and nagative, so prehaps its better I am off.
  13. The grass is always greener. I have to admit, while I do get pissed off with it I am still happier as a STAB with the choice rather than an ARAB with none.

    I get the distinct impression these days that we cannot live without each other so hopefully we can support you as much as we can, and vice versa of course.
  14. and methinks you're talking boll0cks sunshine.

    When you (the TA as a whole before you all start) start taking the lion's share of op tours and alleviating some of back-to-back fcuking tours that most of the regs units are on at the moment (while the remainder are on an 18-month turnaround) then come on here and talk about how fcuking necessary you are. Until then, bore off and carry on with your 9 to fcuking 5!

    and I think you just answered it yourself!
  15. You must be carefull not to tar everyone with the same brush! Units vary enormously. There are some T.A. units that have an almost constant flow of pers to and fro various deployments. Volunteers from the T.A. were needed for one particular deployment in 1998 when (rumour has it) some one at the M.O.D. said" you'll never get enough volunteers for that!" 40 odd blokes from the R.Y. (more than half from the same Sqn) volunteered immediately, these were not all out of work people with nothing better to do either, almost of them had been in full time employment with Familys/Mortgages, etc. A lot of it boils down to the morale/training etc in particular units.
    Don't take my word for it though, there must be stats available that show how many T.A. soldiers have served in various Conflicts/deployments, I think if you look into it you will be pleasantly surprised. Dont be discouraged by what appears to be a local trend.