value for money?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Slavetothegrind, Jul 1, 2005.

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  1. The hot topic of today is the increase in prices in the Naffi shop on and off of camp (Wattisham). It seems that the Spar have a monopoly and they are using it to their advantage.

    Firstly, new in today is the minimum spend for a Debit/ Credit Card of £7.50! what is this about? It is disgusting, in a modern day and age. Similar you could use the cash machine that charges you to use it £1.50.

    There used to be a LloydsTsb cash machine on camp and TSB was happy to have it on camp. It was just a small issue of insurance for the machine (I believe it was around £2000). I am sure Regimental subs/ Sqn Subs etc could have paid this, or the soldiers could contribute and I know many who would be up for that because it will have them in the long run.

    Imagine single soldiers with no transport to get to a non charging cash machine being robbed by the Naffi. I’m sure they could withdraw £200 and only be charged £1.50 for the privilege of getting their own money, or more realistically (with all of the thieving scumbags that are around Wattisham) withdraw roughly £20 a time.

    Simple maths would tell me that the LloydsTsb or similar cash machine would have won hands down. Everyone in Wattisham needs money, the solution is not hard, its just soldiers getting raped again by the power that be.

    Further more could it be something to do with Aramark losing bucket loads of money? They have had to raise the prices in the Hub and in the ever failing Horizons (where more people work there than eat there!).

    This a topic that affects everyone in Wattisham! So fire your guns……
  2. £7.50 is Fcuking scandalous!!! As for the HUB fcuk knows what they are up to. Personally tried to be a bit too posh, should stick to bacon butties and the like. Pannini posh name for a toasted butty!

    That £7.50 doesn't effect you too much slave your lunch was going to cost you 6.50 anyway!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. i think they represent excellent value and a wonderful choice. Sure you may pay more but it's worth it cause the staff all go that extra yard to make it a very pleasant ,and lets face it, enjoyable shopping experience. You can't buy that kind of personal touch in tesco with their crazy two for one offers that end up saving you money you'd otherwise spend on beer and ladies of low breeding. All in all boys and girls it's a shop with high moral standards, fast friendly service and an interesting attitude to quality.

    So why not wake up and see the utopian like shopping complex that is on your doorstep and embrace everything it stands for.

    I THANK YOU !!! :lol: :D :D
  4. Go in the wattisham spar shop (hub one) early in the morning and you get the treatment all right....

    Bird with black pony tail hair do..

    slam dunk whatever you buy through the till

    huff huff and huff again

    then holds out her hand for money

    huff huff and huff again

    Slam dunks your change into your hand

    followed by a huff.....

    It makes my day...I chuckle all the way to work.
  5. Muttley you are so right! I am laughing my arrse off here!
  6. Good gods above man, its you thats in the dream world. Or, youre one of the maniacs that actually implemented the change and are constantly seen floating round in the background making yet more bone decisions designed purely to extract even more money from our pockets. The only time staff go an extra yard is to go back and try and get the order right second time round (or occasionaly third), and look even more pi55ed off because they're being forced into doing what they are paid for.

    And as for the shop, its just like the Kwik-e-Mart:

    1 10 Cent stamp : Dollar 95
    2 Dollars of gasoline : 4 Dollars
    Penny candy? Suprisingly expensive!!!!
  7. Wait until pay as you dine boots in.................What a firkin rip off.

  9. Excellent, got a good bite there. A Snakebite in fact !!!!! Of course the naafi/spar is crap. I'm a hamster and i wouldn't eat there. :x :lol:
  10. I blame the snakebite for the fact i fell to such an easy wahhhhhh

    Nice one seppi :)
  11. And just for giggles, here is my one hundredth post, which has no relevance to this thread other than it didn't cost me an arm and a leg
  12. thought i'd get my 13th out of the way while i could.
  13. Sorry Slave.....Out of the loop in UK. In such case my fondest sympathy for you all...Oh well....What can I spend my LOA on then...Ah!!!!!!!! I know!!!!!!!!!!!An extra sausage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Ihave to agree on some of the points raised especially about the pony tailed one what a miserable fat cow. The other girl gets my vote though, the one with the surname that sounds like Annie. The charge of £7.50 to use your card is scandalous and should be addressed by the Regt's in station. And if the food is crap in the Horizon then complain or just don't eat there.
  15. Im in N. German hell hole but PAYD has led to some local restaurants providing debit cards to eat out at meal times. Food is well priced against Naafi prices. Naafi here is making a severe loss at moment and there are rumours that they are using gaming machine money to offset their cfuk up. Good old days are dead and gone.............extra sausage anyone???????????