Vallon Mine Detector - Which model?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. Following an interesting lecture on the topic the other day I am interested to know which model of mine detector we use. I have been looking on the Vallon website.

    I don't imagine it's a secret although perhaps we have one with some special order features. I am just interested to know which of the ones shown is the one we use or closest to it.


    Link to Vallon:
  2. Actually in terms of OPSec it is secret! It would be like handing the TB one of our operational vallons and saying "here you go terry, no work out its weaknesses so you can use it against us"
  3. So top secret the details and specs are readily viewed with no restrictions on the interweb? Have a word. They probably know how they work better than most of our blokes.
  4. I doubt that, they aint stupid, i expect within hours of seeing our Detectors either in person or on the news they had the full specifications of every available model printed off and memorised. Google is a wonderful tool for both sides.

    Edit - Ninja'd!
  5. Hence the recent move from military grade HE with sharpnel (high metal content) to large HME blast devices (low metal content).

    We like to think we are pretty quick on here but THEY are normally quicker even than that.
  6. True but even so we should still not advertise here on ARRSE and set the example!

    My bold, having taught this kit myself i beg to differ!
  7. Having used the bastard thing for 6 and a half month solid and instructing others I don't!!
  8. Maybe you need to take some instruction from me then!!! :D

  9. Check PM's Fellah! ;)
  10. In our comprehensive training on Op Barma routines we were issued with two lengths of aluminium tubing covered in black nasty.

    Subsequent forensic examination (I peeled back some of the tape) during a fag break revealed the word "Hoover" embossed on them.

    Sergeant told me to pack it in when I made 'vrooowhhhooooo' noises up and down the track when we started again.

    I don't think they were really mine detectors at all.
  11. lol, good call.

    Opsec, should not really be talking about his subject on here, far too hot a subject.... :x
  12. Why not? It is all over the net already.