Vallon Lesson Cribs

Does anyone know if there are any good and straight forward lesson plans for the Vallon, other than the mumbo jumbo cr*p you get from the course.


drink until you fall over usually works for me C_K. :D :wink: :D :wink:
ChunkyKnob you seem to be flapping about your upcoming tour. I really hope you're not REST.
dingerr said:
ChunkyKnob you seem to be flapping about your upcoming tour. I really hope you're not REST.
Why don't you shut the f*ck up and stick to your own forum...for your info I'm trying to get the young lads competant in using the above piece of equipment. Because as mentioned in a previous thread these people neglected to treat this as a priority, and now time is short and the only chance they will get to use it is a possibility on the CFX or RSOI.

I dont want to feel guilty when the inquiry comes back with the mention of they were not trained or they set up the metal detector wrong. You seem to have a right chip on you shoulders about RE, im not EOD and dont give a sh*t about your little spat with them.

And as for flapping, ill run rings around you RLC cnuts.

If you PM me, i will explain the situation here to you, and maybe you will understand my concerns a little more, instead of slagging me off with the rest of the ARRSE celebrity fraternity.
Ohhh, touched a nerve. I'd call that definitely flapping, seems to keep you up all night.

I believe you are correct, you would run rings around the RLC when it comes to flapping. You seem to be good at it.

Good job your not REST. They're normally good blokes.

If you feel the need to justify yourself then you PM me.

I'll help you with your crib sheet:

1). Ask for Vallon from Number 2 (or take from REST).

2). Switch on, set to 7.

3). Proceed with task.


1. Vallon not working: Pass to No2 to rectify, with a comment about having a chat later.

2. Vallon left at target. Send No2 to collect.

If you require any more help please call the samaritans, because they might give a fcuk. Alternatively see your doctor to direct you to anger management classes.

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