Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Random_Task, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. Opinions please. Saw it last night, I have to say, Cruise was alot less sh1te than I thought he was gonna be.
  2. Do you get to see him strangled with cheese wire at the end? The only reason I could see to watch the movie .Bunch of evil germans fail to kill hitler .Could not really see the appeal of the story.
  3. He was shot - however you see others getting hung with piano wire - very good film much better than expected only 1 token yank (Cruise) the rest of the cast were all quality British actors. well worth watching as was Defiance with Daniel Craig the other week - true story of Jewish Partisans hiding in russian forests.
  4. Not seen it but intend to. Whatever Cruise does people are just waiting to pan him.
  5. Watched it last weekend, must say i enjoyed it. I was aware and had read articles on Stauffenberg, but the film managed to convey the suspence and excitement of a good thriller, even though we all knew the outcome. I thought Tom Cruise played a good part, but I started off sceptical. I noted at the end, that Stauffenbergs wife survived any reprisals and in fact only died in 2006. I wonder if she had blocked any previous film attempts, and the surviving family only gave permission after his wife passed away? I presume that there was some poetic licence with some scenes, but all in all, an enjoyable film that remained broadly true to the historic facts.
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  7. [quote="Mr Deputy]That I funk about it, like. I haven't seen it. Probably get it out on DVD (on our new plasma I mounted on a wall mount last night - its rather good, I got talked into it but I do like it) and have a pillow handy to punch...alot[/quote]

    Great Answer to the original question there Mr D. Good to see you have judged it and the performances as rubbish despite not seeing it! Not exactly barry Norman are you?!
  8. Suggest you go to see it before you spout of - all of the above statement was NOT portrayed in the film!
  9. Have not yet seen the film, but intend to soon, with the cast and crew I have no doubt that it will be very good.

    The problem I have is the representation of Stauffenberg as some sort of hero. He was vilely anti-semitic, fully supported the ideal of a slavic under class, and fully supported Nazi ideology. A horrendous man.

    Tom Cruise was challenged about this on the carpet at the premiere. His reply: "My research did not show this." By all means make an (I am sure) cracking thriller, but do not present it as history. It is an old debate I know, "Braveheart" "The Patriot" etc etc, but I feel it is important because these are now entering into the record as historical documents.
  10. I went to see Valkyrie last weekend with some trepidation, and have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Cruise is actually quite good, and does not overwhelm the film. I've noticed in reviews and interviews that Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators are referred to as Nazis; this was not the case. Stauffenberg was not a member of the Nazi party, nor were his companions. A disproportionately high number of July 1944 plotters were Catholic aristrocrats, a class which had traditionally dispised the atheistic, anti-Semitic and low-born Nazis. Many of the July '44 plotters had been involved in previous anti-Hitler plots, and can hardly be dismissed as opportunists who merely saw which way the war was going. Stauffenberg's five children were placed in a foster home after their father's death - which they were not told of at the time - and forced to change their family name.

    There are many numerous books on Stauffenberg and the German Resistance to Hitler available. They were incredibly courageous people who deserve to be remembered with respect. Some 5,000 of them paid with their lives in the aftermath of 20 July 1944.

    As a personal aside, Stauffenberg's great-grandmother was one Eleonora, Countess Butler von Clonebough, who was directly descended from the Irishman, Colonel Walter Butler who was instrumental in the assassination of Albrecht von Wallenstein during the Thirty Years' War.
  11. Nonsense, pure and simple. He did not fully support Nazi ideology - have you actually studied any of the considerable amount of literature on Stauffenberg and the German Resistance? Evidently not, otherwise you would not come out with such an infantile - and patently untrue - statement which flies in the face of historical fact. Perhaps you are one of those who merely has to see a German officer in boots and britches and you go all a-quiver with righteous indignation, forgetting - or perhaps not knowing - that such imagined 'Nazi' stereotypes are largely the product of Hollywood and the simplistic belief that all Germans were Nazis. Just because the Nazis sought to appropriate the dress and manner of the traditional officer class in Germany does not mean that those - like Stauffenberg - can be merely dismissed as Nazis by reason of appearance. The German Foreign Office, the Abwehr, and many Wehrmacht officers, along with traditional conservatives and the Catholic and Protestant churches were the focal points for the German Resistance.
  12. Stauffenberg was not a Prussian but a Catholic Bavarian aristocrat - a group which heartily disliked the Prussian ethos. By "senior officer in their organisation", I take it you mean the Wehrmacht? Is Stauffenberg to be blamed for joining the Reichswehr in 1926?
  13. All said and done Mr Deputy at least he had the balls to do something about it - even to the extent of risking his families lives! I saw a documentary on History channel before I saw the film - apparently Stauffenberg was posted to the desert for his own protection because he was constantly attempting to subvert the regime - if you re being fair then you will see that in that particular period 20/30/40s all countries had a so called upper class elite - in fact in Britain there were many who supported the Nazi ideals especially when you consider the rise of communism
  14. Lady's and Gentlemen, if you please. This thread is about the movie, not the political ramifications of the plot. If you wish to talk about the rights and wrongs of Stauffenberg's actions and ideals, I suggest we move this to the History forum.
    If not, then we talk about the movie, which for all intents and purposes, was a cracking thriller. Well worth the extortionate £7 I payed to see it.