Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by KevinB, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. Claus von Stauffenberg, a Swabian aristocrat who rose to the rank of Colonel (Oberst) in the German army, becomes disgusted with Adolf Hitler and conceives of a plan to kill der Fueher and take control of Germany. The Colonel, who has been severely wounded in Africa, leads the plot and decides to carry out the assassination himself.

    Most of the cast are excellent, with one huge exception - Tom Cruise. Unfortunately, his wooden acting and flat American accent drag down the whole film. An actor of high calibre was needed for this role, and Cruise just does not have the talent to fill it.
  2. It's been derided by critics so far.

    British/American accents don't really cut the mustard for these types of films.
  3. Film should've been in German with english subtitles,

    it's too bad 80% of yanks can't read
  4. That is an excellent idea - and someone other than Cruise in the lead!
  5. Someone should have looked at the success of Downfall. The brilliant Bruno Ganz in the lead role - very highly acclaimed outside of Germany.
  6. Does Cruise want to make films that will make money for his United Artist’s, or just provide a vehicle for himself? Is Cruise actually competent enough to play a variety of roles and add to the portrayal - like Hoffman – or is he one-of-many that made a few bob once playing Tom Cruise? An American midget pretending to be a tall German surrounded by versatile performers – sounds like another turd in a swimming pool scenario. :roll:

  7. Cuise 5'7"
    Von Stauffenberg 6'3"

    I know which one I'd have preferred shot.
  8. Ahem......5'7" that not his 'official' height? 5'7"s not bad, 'BigHeadedPygmies' at ,however, have him down as 5'4"!!! The same as Dustin Hoffman and Charlie Chaplin. This is a whole inch taller the Michael J. Fox, but, 2 inches shorter than Jackie Chan, and 3 inches shorter than Macauly (Home Alone) Culkin!!!

    This film's got to have a scene where Hitler (5’8”) enters and all stand. Cue the line; "Stand for ze Führer…..even you Stauffenberg!" - "But I am standing?" :twisted:

  9. You kevin are filth, you kevin helped kill innocent men, women and children, not forgetting men and women from the security forces. Your presence on the website is repugnant.
  10. Interesting this, though haven't seen the film. During 1989 in Berlin the lads went up to the Bendler Block on Bendlerstrasse/Stauffenbergstrasse for a look-see. There was a wreath in the court yard to von Stauffenberg with a note attached, remembering him as being shot there after the Putsch.
    Stauffenberg, Haeften, Olbricht, and Albrecht Mertz von Quirnheim were executed in the courtyard at 0010 on 21 Jul 1944 for their part.

    The Bendler Block was (in 1989, anyway) a Museum with huge photographs of German officers on the walls including Beck. Being the old OKW, and the scene of the siege which ended Walkeure, the place was hugely atmospheric, as was the Plötzensee prison, scenes of hanging by piano wire or hemp rope from meat hooks. The hooks and rails were still there along with other grisly execution contraptions.
  11. Why are you still on this website? Your presence here is disgusting.