Valerie Singleton - still in my w@nk b@nk

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Father_Famine, Dec 11, 2009.

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  1. Whilst reading the article in the Telegraph about the Fat Fcuker who carelessly fell off the stretcher, I noticed an article about Valerie Singleton visiting Kenya.
    I had to read that, she was my childhood fantasy, if only I'd known then that she had a liking for younger men, I'd have been on the train, (half to London Town) and been waiting around outside the BBC to get my Blue Peter Badge.
    She's 72 now and I'm still a younger man, I'd be happy to let her wrap me in sticky backed plastic before taking her up the Blue Peter Garden.
  2. Janet Ellis and Sally James were my boy hood ahemmm.. interests
  3. mmmmmmm......................Sally James


    It's what Saturday mornings were for.
  4. Karen Keating was also fit on Blue Peter. Even though she is a bit dead she is still probably quite hot.
  5. Fit or not I still smash the head off mine about our French Teacher, a crow faced harriden at the best of times but if you walked past her desk you got a nipple shot which was enough for me to spend more time in the toilets than learning about Boulangeries and Charcouteries, me and another lad subsequently contributed to her retirement from teaching and a nervous breakdown but her nips were ace
  6. Servilan, Blakes Seven.... mmmm
  7. This Servalan you mean Bravo, I know exactly what you mean



    Nurse, more tissues :oops:

  8. Whilst looking for servalan, I came across this picture of Sally, so, just for CQMS.

  9. Susan Stranks on Magpie.
  10. for those that can't remember Janet Ellis

  11. For me, Blue Peter's Sarah Greene.

    Very Yum Yum!

  12. No idea why but as a 13 year old Imogen Stubbs floated my boat.

  13. What the f*ck is a wonk bonk? Are we back to mong shagging...........oh, oh I, carry on!
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    If we are talking of teachers, how about these two. They do things differently in th e'States, that's for sure - and I think our edumacashunal system could learn a lot from theirs in this regard:

    Language teachers Alini Brito, Cindy Mauro caught by janitor having naked romp in HS classroom
    BY Joe Jackson, Brendan Brosh and Christina Boyle

    Wednesday, December 9th 2009, 12:08 AM

    Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro were tossed from James Madison High School after being caught naked with each other, sources say.

    Two female Romance language instructors were tossed out of their Brooklyn high school after being caught "undressed" in an empty classroom, sources told the Daily News Tuesday.

    Students at James Madison High School in Midwood were watching a talent show in the auditorium while Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro were speaking the international language of love, sources said.

    A janitor stumbled on French teacher Mauro, 33, and Brito, 29, a married Spanish instructor, and tattled to school officials on Nov. 20.

    Both tenured teachers were removed from the classroom and sent to Education Department "rubber rooms" while they're investigated for misconduct, sources said.

    The episode is the talk of the school. Students even set up a Facebook group to discuss the shenanigans - and it already has more than 500 fans.

    "Now you guys wished we installed cameras in our classrooms after all hmm?" wrote one student.

    Janitor Robert Colantuoni refused to comment Tuesday. "I can't talk about it, I'm sorry," he said.

    Brito's husband, reached by phone, said he was unaware of the accusations, but denied them.

    "The school district has not informed my wife of these allegations and they are untrue," he said.

    Students said both teachers were popular.

    "[Ms. Mauro] was pretty fun," said junior Eddie Ramirez, 18.

    "She dressed like a teenage girl - she'd wear low-cut tops, shorts, three-quarter length jeans. She was kinda sexy.

    "You could see that she was the kind of person who would flirt."

    Students said Mauro dyed some of her hair pink over the summer and has an array of sexy tattoos: a sun on her lower back, a flower on her leg, and a star on her foot.

    Brito opted for more demure attire.

    "She's pretty," said one 17-year-old who took French with her.

    "Mrs. Brito was good-looking. Oh, yeah!"

    A 16-year-old sophomore said Brito was a teacher students would come to with problems.

    "She usually dresses elegant, looks smart," he said. "She's good-looking. And she was friendly, not flirty, just friendly."

    Students said gossip about the romp was flying through the school, where staff members were trying to keep a lid on it.

    "The teachers don't even want you to bring it up because they say they'll get in trouble if we're talking about it in class," Eddie Ramirez said.

    "They just say, 'Let it go.'"

    Teachers and administrators at James Madison would not comment yesterday, but the Education Department confirmed the probe.

    "There was an incident in the evening when there was a school performance," department spokeswoman Margie Feinberg said.

    "The two teachers have been reassigned pending the outcome of [an Education Department] investigation."

    Link (with pictures I'm too stupid to be able to load)
  15. Jenny Hanley from Magpie.... :wink: