Valentines day bluff

You can flick on your bean
its as big as a telly
balancing on top
of a sawn off welly


At least I don't smell
Unlike your prick
It smells just like stilton
And some 'day old' sick
edam is red
stilton is blue
the cheese round my nobend
will sure make you spew


I need some cheese
I'll get out me grater
Wop out your nob
And I'll come round later

It's getting near midnight
I'll turn into a pumpkin
If I don't hurry
And pull on some foreskin
red is for roses
yellow for mustard
Open your mouth
for a dose of luv custard


Red is for periods
When flying the flag
So open your mouth
and suck on this rag

(that one was a bit gross I know)
you dity old trout
what a disgrace
come over here
and sit on my face


I'd rather not dear
I'd give you a shock
Cause what I'd shove in your mouth
Would be my huge cock
Here we come
sunk to my nuts
in snipers bum
Groundie loves pies
out grows his tummy
I'd rather be dead
than a gay ginger brummie

Jesus, I bloddy near swamped meself.....

Right, we HAVE to open a line book
Scrounging Brummie
On the dole
Groundie will pay you
to plug his wide hole
Ma_sonic and Muttley
are stuck up each other
while doley ginger Groundie
buggers his brother
Muttley is absent
so far from this thread
And so is Ma_Sonic
Wot ya doin instead?  ::)
Well I've been wanking off thinking about you............can't speak for Muttley though ;)
Crimes of the groundie I'm listing
Thrapping too hard, done his wrist in
He'll ride you bare back
and nibble your sack
While Barrymore gives him a fisting
Im sat here eating my chipsticks
thinking about chatting up lipstick
Ill make up my mind
all in good time
meanwhile she can nibble my dipstick


But what about me MDN
You said you love me till the end
If you dip it in lippy
I'll come round in a jiffy
And insert a pin in your bellend
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