Valentines day bluff

Having sucessfully for the last 5 years managed to by pass valentines day giving eg "pagan ceremony created by Athena/ Hallmark cards etc".
I think this year might be endex on the blag , Help me out it needs to be Cheap(ish) yet girly and good unlike friend who gave his wife a workout video.


Humbug, its all a con to get you to spend your money on tacky cards, novelty boxer shorts and cheap itchy lace underwear that us girls only put on cos we think you will find it attractive....not that im bitter cos i wont be getting a card or anything, no sirreee  :mad:
I'll send you a card in exchange for a nosh ;D
Make up a fictitious situation the night before the 13th, and finish with her !  Ring her on the morning of the 15th and say you were wrong, and please forgive you and ask can you meet her in the pub Saturday night.  Only draw back is if she says no, or slaps you one when your arguing.


MDN, its a us a favour and stick the blue beret on as well hey? It IS valentines after all!    :-*

Ill give the old boy a scrub and be there in ten minutes.

No time to grab a card though, Ill make you one out of the Johnny box ;D


Dont sign it, then i can agonise with my equally dumb and gullible girly mates over who sent it........ ;)
Bring em with you ;D

They can all have a bit of Valentine donut luv

Would you be giving each other any valentine luv? or do you not flick beans ;D


naah, only my own....the girls can take care of themselves....under your supervision if you like!!  ;D
The more you post the more I like you

Am I shallow?
Ill let you look for them, why not start in my underpants

with yer teeth ;D



Roses are red, horny berets are light blue

If you wear yours ill sh...........urely be grateful to you

Love and moistness always

A.R.O xxxxx :p
Beret on Chopper out
Out with yer threpennies
& show us yer clout

MDN...aka poet Laureat

xxxabya9sxxxaxx (Im Dyslexic) ;D
;D ;D 8) 8) 8)................................ ::).. :-[spent


darn, i thought it would last longer than that!

ill put it down to first night nerves, hey!  ;)


To MDN -

a bit late but here's my special valentine message to you....

Roses are red
So are carnations
You're so cr@p in bed
I fcuked your alsation

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