Vale- Group Captain Peter Petter-Bowyer

Sorry I should have posted this earlier. Group Captain Peter "PB" Petter-Bowyer, formerly of the Rhodesian Air Force, died in the UK on 9 March. He flew both jets and helicopters, was much involved in the development of aerial weapons and tactics, and at the end of the war in 1980 was
Director of Operations at Combined Ops HQ.

The story of his life and career is told in his book Winds of Destruction:

Winds of Destruction

Conversations with Writers: [Interview] Group Captain Peter Petter-Bowyer
I met him in Rhodesia in the seventies and later in RSA and the UK. I remember him saying in the 1990s' how the Chinese were taking over Africa in the Chinese manner, slowly, quietly and with infinite patience. He was very intelligent, very well educated, very well read and had great perception. That perception is sadly and worryingly being proved right.
He's a real loss.
Is Petter-Bowyer a common name in that part of the world?

My casualty key worker is also P-B and she was a nurse in Rhodesia, so there may be a connection.
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