Vain REME fatty!

No she still looks like a fricking Picasso!! whats with the lopsided eye thing she has going on? and her ar5e is still as cr4p looking as it was before the 25k.... Cellulite...more like cellu-heavy!!

Tell you what give me the 25k and after I've finished running your fat ar5es round a CFT a few times, you'll look better anyway!! Never wanted to be a PTI as much as right now!! Lazy feckers!


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I thought she looked rather fetching before the operations, and now just looks ordinary, if a little like the characters from 'Lazytown'
Theres no way her arse/thighs are smaller in the after pic than the before pic !!!!!!

Get thier lazy arses out and do some exercise... what a waste of cash !
£80 on a decent set of trainers and a bit of effort - lazy barstewards - would have been alot cheaper.. and the tw@t still has a bald spot.

pathetic no other way to say it

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