Vague question about Parliament/ Politics and Spin

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beer, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. I had just finished my last glass of plonk whilst watcging the news on telly (Gordon Brown getting a bit of a thrashing) and a vague thought popped into my head.

    With the seeming emphasis on spin in todays politics, I wondered, as I saw Brown clearly suffering during a bought of questioning and looking a bit of a shifty c u n t, if a good deal of the fault was letting cameras into Parliament in the first place?

    Back in the old days, if an MP took a kicking we could only hear it verbally and were not privy to the visual spectacle itself. Just wondering!

    What does ARRSE think?


    What is it with the irritating way that he pulls his fecking jaw in after every sentence, almost as if he is attempting to draw back that last bit of man-love into his mouth after a quick gobbling?
  2. Your login is beer right?
  3. Clearly the parliamentary spectacle you witnessed, compelled you to down 15 bottles of dubious cheap naafi plonk and subsequently post drivel? Perhaps you should have stuck to beer, beer.
  4. You could have a pouint about the cameras, I think sometimes MPs of alll parties only get up to speak , and say nothing, so that they are "seen" to be doing something and often to show how clever they can be with their spontaneous ( I don't think) quips.
  5. The BBC wanted to transmit proceedings in the 1920s, but that was thrown out because of a fear that some members would play up to the microphones!

    Full radio coverage only came about in 1978 and cameras did not get allowed in the House of Commons until 1989 when the masses could finally see for themselves the inane pantomome.

    Some say the only real difference it has made is that of providing employment for a few more full time make-up artistes.
  6. :lol: Harold Wilson, with the time it took to light his pipe before answering a question was the best, never saw him stumped,funny how the pipe kept going out at regular intervals :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Check your PMs.
  8. Far, far worse than anything that goes on in the chamber of the house is the kangaroo court that exists in many of the select committees.

    Members of the public are forced to endure abuse from hostile, partisan MPs on the pretext that they are 'giving evidence'. On pain of conviction for contempt of parliament, they are required to act as verbal punchbags in front of a TV camera while grandstanding MPs rip into them.

    Who could forget the verbal kicking David Kelly got from Labour's Andrew Mackinlay at the Foreign Affairs Select Committee for exposing Blair's lies about Iraq? The bloke was obviously terrified and probably suicidally depressed at the time yet he was used as fodder in a political bear pit that had more in common with the Jeremy Kyle Show than the machinery of democracy.

    Every time I see that footage, I can't help thinking of the Nazi show trials that took place after the attempt to assassinate Hitler.
  9. My bold.

    Hang on, hang on - whats wrong with watching a chav family slug it out verbally (and sometimes physically) with Jezza acting as the knee jerk voice of the masses?

    When I have some leave and see its on I warm up the Popcorn and open a can of liquid relief. I then cheer loudly as the succession of Fat Munters / Drug addled wasters get their comeuppance through the medium of a DNA test or a Lie detector.

    Strange thing is though - when I watch Parliamentary Coverage I am sure that the back benches have been bussed down from the JK studio........
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    TV is only allowed to broadcast from Westminster under very strict rules - and the Parliamentarians use these to their advantage when they can - hence 'donutting' - where there may be only 10 MPs in the House, but the camera is not allowed to pan or move, and must fix on the person speaking. So, you get the other 9 to sit all around him, giving the impression of lots of keen MPs.

    One 'debate' on the Cadets last year had 3 MPs present. Out of 600+

    Still, Gordon B managed to forget all that when he picked his nose, and ate his bogies, on TV earlier this year!
  11. Snowy that was sheer class! Typical Jock schoolboy trick (and before all you other Arrses start I come from the right side of the border too!). :eek: