Vagging off in exams.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chalky, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. Had an exam today, which was fun.

    I, having a surname beginning with W, was cast to the four corners and ended up right at the back about two empty rows behind some 10 pinter of a woman from my course who I sometimes chat to.

    Given there were only 20 of us in a 400 seat exam, it seemed a little silly, but noone deigned to challenge it.

    About two hours into the exam a movement from the woman in front catches my eye. Being slightly higher, I had a good clear view of what I'd describe as a rhythmic right hand shuffle down in the region of her gammon gates.

    As I stared in disbelief, I could just make out a frequent clearing of the throat that could, in a certain environment, be interpretted as a grunt of clit-tingling pleasure.

    Now, am I fecking mad? What else could she have been doing and, in situations like that, how do I look her in the eye again without shouting 'I SAW YOU FINGERING YOUR DIRTY FRENCH MUFF, YOU WHORE!'

    Or do I just praise her for her squaddy-like prowess in cracking out a sly one anywhere, anytime?
  2. If shes that filthy, just go for it. She'll earn you your brown wings.
  3. Now i wouldnt want to give you any silly ideas of blackmail *cough* but she is obviousely feeling quite sexually deprived and sound like she needs a good blackmailing ragging. Get in there my blackmailing son!
  4. Maybe she's just got a mean case of crabs, and just really really had to itch.
  5. or a shaving rash !!
  6. Maybe she had the answers 'down there'!
  7. Maybe, it was the easiest way of getting her fingers wet, so she could turn the pages easily !!
  8. *smirk* you should have 'offered her a hand'!

    ...ok im leaving now...
  9. What and get thrown out of the exam? I bet you was the kind of girl that used to get it behind the bike-sheds instead of doing maths.
  10. he could have done it subtly!
    and i'll have you know i was an excellent student.. there weren't any bike sheds at my school anyhoo
  11. So in full view then? Do you want a hand? :)
  12. I do recall in my school days some sixth form students doing the nasty on the tennis courts (not grass, that tarmac sort of stuff that you just know would rub like mad).
  13. Aren't you saddlesore after your morning shower session?
  14. Ouch, that's nasty. I was at a single sex school (didn't do me any harm *tick tick tick*) but occasionally they'd be a couple of pupils using a spare classroom, cupboard or quite area for a "fumble" with a like minded individual....

    Has the NAAFI thread been done on the most painful place arrse members have indulged in some horizontal jogging?
  15. hmm tempting offer...but i think no