Vacuum packed- Not work safe

If its been posted before then balls



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I must point out to anyone wishing to attempt this should buy some good quality latex sheeting.
The heavy duty plastic one commonly uses for keeping mong blood off the Wilton does not work.

Oh, top tip. Don't forget that tube in the first two pics.
Just wondering, as she's "incapacitated" do you think a 'small' hole between her legs would ruin the effect. After all, she'd still be "air tight."
Brilliant! you can keep them under your bed and nice fresh! Less nagging!
Ghost_Rider said:
Harry_Boomers said:
Brilliant! you can keep them under your bed....
....and takes up less space, useful for those who find that they lack the storage space..... :lol:

I can just see Linda Barker demonstrating this on Changing rooms!
Nope you can eat her cold...........
Wonder if I can have the teenager done?

I'd always know where he was, he'd be low cost and I'd have run of the house and free rein of the bathroom!

I like it! Cuts, I have a job for you!!!!!!!

Beebs :D


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wipe her down after wards!
Flasher said:
Whats her shelf life???
Not long, about 6 days, however Fred West had one he kept for 6 months till it went off!!

Oracle said:
What flavour is she?
seafood medley or prawn when fresh, then goes cheesey.

Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine said:
is it available from JML?
E-bay under gimp suit

edit for been a nub

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