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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by redgrain, May 11, 2008.

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  1. On the topic of mandatory vaccination, would you be in favour of it for girls 11-12 against HPV, a sexually transmitted disease that causes much of the cervical cancer? I believe it is mandatory in Texas.
  2. Without wishing to be rude to Sven I couldn't give a toss if he approves or not as Sven, being a bloke doesn't have a cervix. What I do care about is halting the transmission of two cancer causing strains of HPV and helping to prevent girls from going on to develop cervical cancer in later life.
    Anyhow its fantastic weather and I'm off to light the BBQ.
  3. As some wag pointed out to me a while back - they may have to jab girls a few years younger on some estates.
  4. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    In favour. And to further the ferret's argument, I have a truly horrific (well more cringe-worthy actualy) story from my days as a trainee teacher. If people wish to hear it PM me. Get enough takers I'll post it in NAAFI.
  5. As this doesn't represent a health hazard to the general public, as does diptheria, whooping cough or rubella, I would be in favour of nonmandatory vaccination. But, IMO, 11 and 12 year old children should not be having sex in the first place.

    Would be interested in hearing your story on this, Trans-sane.
  6. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Bug'rit. The story is this...

    I used to be a trainee teacher (decided to feck it off due to NUT muppets and gobment targets but thats another story). I was teaching a PSE (personal and social education for you old gits) lesson, but my supervising teacher was off on the sick so I had a supply teacher as my supervisior for this lesson. The lesson was part of the sex-ed module for year 9s (13-14 years old) and was mostly about sexual health and STIs. Utterley cringeworthy from all side.

    Finished the hours lesson without anybody dying of embarressment which is always a bonus, class left for lunch. While packing up I made a random throw away comment to the supply teacher. His response:-

    "Thats nothing. Last week I was in ****** school (which happens to be 10 mins from my house). I got lumbered with a bottom set year 8 class (12-13) for the condom on the dildo lesson (This is the worsed you can get as a teacher...). All the kids were going mental and bouncing off the walls appart from one quiet girl in the corner. She was the sort you wonder why she was in bottom set. Reasonably clever questions, clever answers, not too mad either. At the end of the lesson she came up to me and the nurse we had in and said, "I've not put a rubber on with my hands for years." And you know what? I didn't know where to put my face."

    Knowing the school I can say he wasn't talking crap either.

    But back on topic, cervical cancer is one of the bigger causes of female infertility in this country. The whole point of the vaccine being administered at 11-12 is that the girl SHOULDN'T be sexualy active at this point, therefore they won't have been infected previously. This would render the vaccination useless.
  7. The problem is that the little buggrs are having sex at 11-12. Depressing but true.... Maybe parents might think twice before buying their 10 year old daughters playboy-bunny embossed t-shirts, thongs, crop-tops etc....
  8. I'd be in favour of it. Though, if I found out my 13 year old sister was doing the nasty with boys (Ok, this isn't the NAAFI Bar, alright?) I think cervical cancer would be the least of her worries. It does make me wonder when you hear these stories. However, I hardly think it happens quite as often as some posters, or indeed the Daily Mail, infer. It's not as if every pre-teenage girl is walking around in tight tops, short skirts and a 'hello sailor' smile... I certainly don't know anybody that would countenance buying a 10 year old skimpy underwear...
  9. I personally think that all females in the u.k. should be offered the vaccination .
  10. Go to ASDA or any shopping centre in any large conurbation and look at the young girls (not in an MDN way!) - you'll see plenty of evidence. I get really wound up to see the way that young girls have been transformed into mini-sluts... For instance, I was running along the Laganside today and came across a tribe of spides (local version of scallies/chavs/neds) and the little girls (aged 8-12) were wearing clothes that some of the birds who come from Sandy Row would blush to wear.

    I reckon they should all be getting the HPV vaccine.
  11. I was running an archery shoot at an outdoor activity centre about three years ago. While setting up I walked past a gaggle of Brownies sitting in school-circle around "Brown-Owl", and most if not all of them were wearing low-rise jeans and showing the "whale-tale" or "t-back" (whatever it's called) of thong underwear.

    This kit can't be comfortable for a weekend camping, surely, and why do 7-9 year-olds need "sexy" undies?

    Mind you Tesco apparently sell (or sold) padded bras and mini pole-dancing poles to this age bracket.

    Go figure...
  12. I blame the parents. Who would let their little daughters out in such slutwear? My mum and da would never have let my sisters - at 16 - wander around in such getups.
  13. & so is every vaccination on offer in the UK. However with the right promotion & with no scare mongering then the take up should be OK.

    On top of the planned NHS role out, it is available through most GPs privately & certain GUM/sexual health services freely.
  14. I can't help feeling that the Department of Health (DH) have chosen the wrong vaccine (see the link below). I'd rather they had chosen Gardasil which is effective against 4 strains of HPV (including the two cancer causing ones) instead of one that only protects against the cancer causing ones and no others (Cervarix). In years to come when perhaps the DH annouce that we are to immunise agianst against genital warts we'll be kicking ourselves that we got lumbered with a less effective HPV vaccine.
    Also as an Immunisation Co-ordinator for a Primary Care Trust the manufacturers of Gardasil have shown a very good degree of customer support (all gone to waste now) whereas the manufacturers of Cervarix are yet to make any contact. I also think we'll have a harder time "selling" the vaccine to parents and tennage girls as they'll think the chosen product is inferior (which against the cancer causing strains isn't true) but its easier to promote the better product.
    Full story here