Hey guys....(reposted to here)

Great forum btw which has helped me alot.

Anyhoo not sure this question goes here...ive just filled in the application forms at the TA centre last night (Royal Engineers, 72 Engineers Regiment)
And will be getting my medical in about 2-4 weeks time, but also the recruiter mentioned i needed to make sure ive had all vaccinations done before Phase 1.
Im waiting for my doctor's to get back to me on what i have had and what i will need, and i read that some of the jabs will cost me(Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever, Meningitis Type A, Japanese Encephalitis)....does the TA cover the cost of these or not? Why i ask is that i receive working/family tax credits, have 2 kids and just paid £90 for documents on Monday (Deed Poll, Birth Certificate) so having to pull more money out is gonna be pretty difficult.

Also, im worried about the medical...i feel healthy (altho im the process of getting fit now, but i did have a back problem 7 years ago when i was work 7 days a week as a paver) altho i havent done that job now for 7 years and i now work in an office. I am also 25 if that helps.

Cheers and appreciate the advice


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If you need vaccinations, the Army will provide, as far as I am aware.

Don't wory about the medical - as long as you are not suffering from any chronic ailment, you'll be OK. If you have Asthma, dodgy knees/back, dicky ticker, or suffer from elilepsy then you may have problems though :)


Army will not provide the vaccinations, well they didn't for me. Was told to go to docs, get them done and claim back. The PSAO will be able guide you further esp if funds are tight in the first place.


i got my jabs in the regular army standby for a dead arm for about a week

i had to get a hepatitis jab from the quacks once for work that was free :whew:

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