Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Mennox, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys....first time poster, few week lurker :D

    Great forum btw which has helped me alot.

    Anyhoo not sure this question goes here...ive just filled in the application forms at the TA centre last night (Royal Engineers, 72 Engineers Regiment)
    And will be getting my medical in about 2-4 weeks time, but also the recruiter mentioned i needed to make sure ive had all vaccinations done before Phase 1.
    Im waiting for my doctor's to get back to me on what i have had and what i will need, and i read that some of the jabs will cost me(Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever, Meningitis Type A, Japanese Encephalitis)....does the TA cover the cost of these or not? Why i ask is that i receive working/family tax credits, have 2 kids and just paid £90 for documents on Monday (Deed Poll, Birth Certificate) so having to pull more money out is gonna be pretty difficult.**

    Also, im worried about the medical...i feel healthy (altho im the process of getting fit now, but i did have a back problem 7 years ago when i was work 7 days a week as a paver) altho i havent done that job now for 7 years and i now work in an office. I am also 25 if that helps.

    Cheers and appreciate the advice

    ** edited to add a sentenace
  2. Welcome to ARRSE, Mennox.

    Claiming for jabs is something that only the TA would do (that is, assuming that one CAN claim....), so I recommend that you repost this to the TA forum.

  3. Huumm Because where on the point of vaccinations im off to basic soon and there are asking for my immunisation records and i cant get hold of them at the mo as the doctor will not allow me to have them! What should i do as the Phase 1 ask for them??
  4. If you are just joining the TA

    you need to be up to date with the following:

    Tetenus, polio, dyptheria, typhoid and Hep A (all available free on NHS - as they are an occupational requirement)

    You wont need:

    Hep B - unless you're a medic

    Yellow Fever - unless you are deploying to a yellow fever area (in which case the Army should pay)

    Jap Encephalitis - unless you're going to the far east
  5. If your joining the TA with some of the people I know, I suggest a rabies shot to be added to that list :)
  6. You also need meningitus C or however its spelt!! And it must be done at least ten day before starting training.

    Nice of the Army to tell me that 12 days before my Part 1B and for my GP to tell me that it takes a week to get hold of the vaccine.
  7. I get involved with auditing the TA in respect of vaccinations and the policy between each Unit varies.

    No one can answer these questions except the PSAO of the unit in question.

    The norm is that you pay for the basic vaccination requirements to enlist and these costs are re-imbursed by the Unit.

    make sure you check first.
  8. dont worry if you havent got ya records

    you'll just get them all again on ya 1st medical (apart from TB if u have the scar to show), same thing happened with me
  9. Menin C is recommended if you are 24 years of age or younger, or you are in a specific high-risk catergory.

    the basic building blocks for all are

    tetanus / typhoid / dyptheria / polio / hep A (two injections 12 months apart = 10 years coverage)

    from there, other injections are given dependant upon the risk

    yellow fever / jap Encephalitis / rabies / Hep B / Rubella / Anthrax.

    The regulars will be up to date with both basics and additional vaccines, the TA will be brought up to date (if they havent been done previously) on mobilisation for tours

    so dont spend your money without asking your PSIs first, youll need permission first because you wont be able to claim the money back if you havent!
  10. OOH MY DAZES lol i have had ma TB dne but i dnt have a scar i never get scars!!1 lol
  11. Everyone that gets the TB jab gets a TB scar.If you really can't find it and are that bothered, get someone to go over both your upper arms with a magnifying glass.Somewhere there will be a tiny little round mark,where the needle went in.Might be minute but it will be there. Happy hunting.
  12. Spot on, and is exactly what was on the form they sent me initially which is why i didn't have it (i'm 41), however they decided two weeks ago that everyone must have the Menin C jab regardless of age!
  13. I somehow managed to miss my TB jab, would this cause any problems?
  14. Not to worry...

    They'll check if you've had your TB/BCG jab, by doing a skin test (which involves injecting you in the lower forearm with about 6 needles :twisted: ), then they'll tell you to come back in a week or so, and determine whether the BCG is required, in accordance to your skin test results.
  15. not necessarily,

    on mainland europe - some have the TB jab at one year of age or less if in high risk group.

    in these cases, they have no BCG scar.

    but thanks to the army, I have two BCG scars - so having the scar proves nothing