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Vaccination dates - help needed

i hope i've posted this on the right sub-forum anyway here goes,
i'm booked on a training course in early january and the training establishmnet require info on the date of vaccinations that i've had
they require dates for the following
4) MENINGOCOCCAL group C OR A+C Polysaccharide or Quadrivalent acw135Y

i have spoken to my doctors surgery regarding these, and they have said that they'll try and look into the records but also mentioned it should be in the red book that my mother should have?
all my mum can tell me is that i was roughly 1 &1/2 or 2 when i had my DIPTHERIA, POLIO & TETANUS vaccines
and i know i had one or two of the meningococcal vaccines at school
aged around 14 or so,
would rough dates suffice i.e month and year, for 1 to 3?
as it for precautionary measures only?
If you don't mind me asking how old are you? The red books haven't been around that long, the doctors will keep a record regardless of whether it has been writtern in your red book or not, sorry can't help regarding whether rough dates will help or not.

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