Vacation To North Korea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. Yeah did you see the computer.

    Placed for the tourists, but doesnt work nor plugged in.

    Think it is just a plastic box with a keyboard. :eek:

    Nth Koreans their sooo silly.

    Wonder is there any package tours, looks like a fun place to be.
  2. Sorry, T6, but I can't actually see what you're trying to achieve with this. Do you want to make us aware of the fact that NK is an extremely backward counrty, with all its state authorities devoted to making sure that the entire population bows down without criticism to its "Dear Leader"? If so, then look at your own country - America!

    Or do you want to point out how the North Koreans have missed out on rapidly changing developments in the world? If so, look even more so at your own country - America!

    If you're trying to make the world aware of how behind the times North Korea is: well guess what? We figured it out for ourselves!

    I spent more than a year (1977/78) in what was, then, the GDR and was quickly relieved of any notion that socialism (in the form presented there, in the USSR and in NK) would relieve the world of its ills. However, what did impress me mightily was the resiliance of the people and their quite incredible capacity for making-do and invention.

    T6, you seem to be stuck in a (Cold War) rut. The world's moved on since then! Get with it man!

  3. North Korea is a closed society and most westerners dont get to see what life is like. From that stand point the pic's were interesting. The defensive nature of city blocks and of bridges were interesting from a military point of view. Just in case there is an op in North Korea's future.
  4. You need to readjust your mindset, T6!

    I might be missing something here, J6, but just imagine that the entire east cost of "Merryca" was constantly exposed to a threat from China/North Korea/Japan/any other SEA state! I say "constantly exposed" to make my point clear.
    So in such a case, what would the east coast of America look like, in your opinion?