Vacancy: Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Gibraltar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Scavenger, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. Saw this advertised in the window of my local Post Office.

    Also online here: Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Gibraltar

    Budget of £0.9million and 15 staff. Pay circa £120,000.

    Looking at the illustrious list of previous post holders, is this not normally a role reserved for those in, leaving, or just left the armed forces? The current being a Vice Admiral, and the predecessor being a Lt Gen. Could this lead to the first civilian Governor and Commander-in-Chief?! Could it be the first female? Or will they go the whole hog and have a black disabled homosexual female?

    Anyway, be great if someone from ARRSE could get it. Don't forget, those with disabilities are guarenteed an interview.

    Apply to: The Queen, Buckingham Palace, London.
  2. If they chuck in a couple of Russian whores on 'expenses' (cough) I'll consider it. Do I have to get shit faced on a daily basis?

    I do hope so.
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You are only allowed to gt hitfaced on public money. It is considered very infra dig to use ones own money! :geek:
  4. There were two civilian Governors - good people, but not fully appreciated by the good people of Gibraltar - they like their Governor to be a military 'wallah'.

    The big turd in the punch-bowl is the Foreign & Commonweath Office - a nest of communist and/or socialist twerps who consider Gibraltar to be an offensive 'thing', and desperately desire to hand it to Spain.

    The current Governor is an excellent fellow: Vice Admiral Sir Adrian Johns.

    The first 'civvy' was Sir Richard Luce, a civil servant and I can't remember the name of the other 'civvy'.

    Last week a Spanish frigate toured Gibraltar's Territorial Waters - this means OUR Territorial Waters - unhindered and unchallenged by our non-existent Royal Navy (not a criticism of the Royal Navy, but a kick in the non-existent balls of our pusillanimous politicians). Two warships there now I believe: HMS Richmond and HMS Diamond. HMS Blyth too I think. HMS Bulwark was there yesterday for a short while; I think HMS Illustrious sailed by - clearly visible, and a welcome visit by a US submarine.

    Spain is a bankrupt joke and its pathetic attempt to divert attention by pissing about over Gib is sick and must be repelled - until Labour take-over in 2015 when they will give Gib to Spain on orders from the Reichkanzelrei in Berlin!

    PS: Happy to have my list of ships above corrected.
  5. You'd need to be a lot more disabled and far more gay than that to wear one of those plumed dress hats.
  6. Unless the Gibraltarians have undertaken some serious mass attitudinal adjustment since I was there (early 90s) you would need the patience of several Saints to do that job.
  7. For a 120k per year I'll wear both hat and dress so long as they throw in an unfeasibly large, self replenishing, drinks cabinet and a steady supply of hot and cold running hookers.
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  8. If I recall not that long ago an RN underwater canoe of some description got stuck there for some lengthy repairs and all the locals did was piss and moan about it.If they're not prepared to show a bit of support when needed they can become Spanish for all I care.
  9. I think it is a great opportunity for me to recommend to some very senior people in the NHS that this could be their future. I think one or two might just bite thankfully.
  10. I know the ideal chap. He's very forward-looking, with a keen eye for Gibraltar's future but firmly in touch with its roots.

    Yep, I reckon Manuel's the ideal candidate!
  11. No **** off i'm not going yet.
  12. The hat doesn't do it for you, then?
  13. If I wanted a pretty hat i've a very lovely Harris tweed flat cap.
  14. Sounds a bit 'Andy Capp' to me. You'll be telling me you keep pigeons next.
  15. No a parrot.