Vacancy - Chief Constable at Cleveland Police - Apply within.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biscuits_AB, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. Police Management just get's better and better. They've sacked this muppet, your man in West Yorks has resigned, the oaf at North Yorks only saved himself from being sacked last year by eventually admitting gross misconduct and his DCC jumped ship before he was pushed, and one more Chief Constable (Staffs or Cumbria, can't remember which) has been suspended pending allegations of a similar line. What are these people on? (apart from £100k plus salaries)

    'Shameful' chief constable will keep his pension - Telegraph
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  2. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    "Who's at home,
    Who's at home.
    Who's at home MINDING THE KIDS"

    A football terrace song from back in the days when Smoggies had more to worry about than a Top Cop trying to get his mates kids a job. He's been found out. He's gone. Result in my view. Move on.
  3. Not quite. He's under criminal investigation for alleged corruption. Then there's the outstanding issue of his missus (DCI) being lifetd in Northallerton when she was kale eyed, by North Yorks Police and his alleged unwillingness to discipline her. They're going to publish the 18 other disciplinay charges which they left out of his current problem (they had enough to go on to get shot of him with just the one by all accounts) in the near future. His Deputy is still subject to enquiry as well, although he's back at work now.

    What fine examples they all are.

    Your's sincerely,

    Right Annoyed of Redcar.
  4. Ah, Memories.

    The old Reflex **** Dilatation technique, now discredited. Except on the ARRSE.
  5. Did Marianne Higgs stick her finger up your bum as well?
  6. Cleveland police eh, isn't that the police force with a special mandate to hang monkeys?
  7. Paediatricians' digits. I've shit 'em.
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  8. Marietta wasn't it? I'd forgotten about her, sneaking into children's bedrooms at night and looking at their bottoms to see if they twitched when touched. I should imagine they did!
    I remember the spitting image sketch about it too, with the Alistair Burnett newsreader puppet saying that:"Apparently the holes in their bottoms were supposed to be there." Classic stuff from Spitting Image.
  9. The elites in this country are corrupt to the core, it just happens to be in vogue to bash the plod.

    The politicians are still comfortable on the gravy train.
  10. They will be wanting a new chief cuntstable i west yorks next year after he was made to retire ove the shameful Hillsborough disaster
  11. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Dr Marietta got worried about the bottoms which didnt twitch. Sure sign of **** abuse. She didnt use her finger either, I was a nurse in Middlesbrough at that time and the number of glass rods I had to clean was unacceptable. I cant go to a cocktail bar where they use swizzle sticks even now.

    Now its out in the open, Sean Price was so arrogant he thought that by just going for the "I'm innocent" line was going to work, a la Ali Dizaei. In many ways it did. The other disciplinary charges cannot now be applied as he is no longer a police officer. Some of them are worse than forcing staff to lie for him.

    Even if we take the misconduct verdict, that he made staff lie to cover up what he did, there was probably enough there for a criminal charge. Other police officers have gone down for less. Unfortunately Cleveland police have very deep rooted problems, which precede Robocop Mallon being asked to resign.

    Connections with the local politicians, specifically that fat bastard McLuckie? Op Sacristy is ongoing, but I suspect that ultimately its not going to amount to much. Its not confined to the police and local government either. The health service is involved but I've been told to keep my gob shut about that. I'll just give you a hint - who is Mr McLuckie's daughter working for now? It wouldn't be the health service would it? Add to that the financial director of a certain health Trust going off piste and a Chief Executive going walkabout not to be found gives you an idea. I'll give you another clue. Della Cannings. Ex-Chief Constable of North Yorks. She escaped some serious shit when she took a trip to USA paid for by us taxpayers to go to a conference. She took the flight and hotel, but didnt actually turn up at the conference. Ms Cannings? Now chairperson of an ambulance trust.