Vacancies with London District Regional Training Centre

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by TheBlackShamrock, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Just out of interest, have you had any takers yet. Noticed you had a post on the TA thread as well.
  2. ...and the 'Officers' and 'Seniors' threads too!

    I did not put the topic with the expectation that I would be inundated with applications. I was hoping to inform people that the jobs are there. If they want more information, it's on the job specs at the associated links and they will get in touch with me accordingly.

    And I have had one enquiry about vacancies which is not a lot but I know a lot more people have have seen the posts so the information gets out there.


  3. Certainly, from both my own expereince and that of colleagues in the past, the passage of information for posts outside mainstream TA units is at best poor, some units, PASO's are more efficent than others. this is at times becasue units are hessitant to let key people leave, though often in the longer term the unit will benefict.

    Having relevant information in the public domain can only help individuals to learn there are posts outside their units. Possibly, individuals who may otherwsie decice to leave may be pursuaded to transfer to Regional Training Centre and pass their knowledge skills onwards. A ssuch still serve in a constructive productive manner.