Vacancies at 4 Div RTC Malta Barracks

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tiggrsown, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. The RTC at Aldershot have the following vacancies (any capbadge)

    1)Company Sergeant Major (WO2)

    2)Cadre SNCO x 2 (Sgt-CSgt)

    3)Instructors x 2 (LCpl - Sgt)

    For all vacancies absolute minimum qualification is DITs (and then training will be given) but for vacancies 2) & 3) preference will be given to those who already hold one of the following:
    All Arms Drill
    SAA Instructor
    PTI Basic
    MTD's not a problem but the minimum expectation is 20 weekends per year. RTC will actively support people going on career courses etc etc
    If you want to know more just PM me
  2. That's a big selling point, is this for UB40 Bde?
  3. The key is good instructors who want to have satisfaction of commanding/training large number of troops in the correct way - there can't be too many Sgts in the TA who get to "play" with 60 plus soldiers! Let alone WO2's who get to control 200 plus..... I suspect Malta Barracks on weekends is one of the bigger trainsets in the UK
    If they can get some good £'s then thats a great bonus
  4. Surpises me that there's a shortage of PTI's, there seems to be bloomin hundreds around Malta lately.
  5. When you consider there are around 200 SUTs on some weekends the gym queens are actually needed.
  6. Cant put my finger on it, but this looks better...

  7. Looking forward to spending a week with you boy's and girls next week :)
  8. BB
    definitley should be Sjt but unfortunatley the borg haven't assimulated all of the Army yet - give us time though.........................
  9. Dont knock the PTI's, you do need them. They can be a bit shouty and one is very in the closet but they do get the troops motivated.
    And for all you strange Rifle types, it is Sergeant check the dictionary, and it is a BAYONET. 21st century chaps, do try and keep up !!!
  10. would be nice if the Corps unit removed thier digits from their sphincters and got some more instructors in there. Fortunately the 'Senior Regiment of the line' is there to maintain the high standards.
  11. Actually "Sergeant" is a modern corruption. By far the most common spelling on the Menin gate shows "serjeant".

    So, nerr.
  12. Far be it for me to interrupt the military history lesson - can we get back to the topic please - anybody interested in a great job(irrespective of capbadge)?
  13. Already there and yes its pretty good.
    As you say lots of chances to lead and train large groups of troops.
    Shame about the food and accommodation.................................. yes I know, nowt can be done about it.
  14. Agree about accomodation.... :(

    But the food was good and plently of it when I was doing Pre-para there many years ago :)
  15. Ther is actually a very good sense of cameraderie within the DS at this RTC