Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by offog, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. And to highlight what you say I was talking to an old lady across the road from me last year. She confidently told me how frightening the V1 and V2 attacks were during the war. This was a personal memory of hers. She was at the time living in Humberside and had all her life. She was convinced that they had landed in this area. Personal memories can be like eye witness statements, not very accurate. I am convinced that I was an excellent soldier! :)
  2. Not sure about V2s, but a V1 isn't outside the realms of possibility. I believe that the Heinkel He-111 was used to launch V1s and some got as far as Lancashire. Perhaps somebody has a link to a map of V1 impact sites?
  3. Off topic but quite true.
  4. Off topic indeed, but that is really very interesting. I had no idea that air-launched V1s had impacted so far North. Interesting also that some, so late in the war, carried psyops leaflets. Another interesting link from the article you posted: V1 Rocket Propaganda Leaflets . Thanks.
  5. I did have a local history paperback on the air launched V1 attacks against the North of the country in late 44, which included an impact map but it has mysteriously been 'lost' that's her language for binned. As I remember in this area hits ranged from Chesterfield up to Bolton, mostly in to the countryside with about 4 fatalaties.

    The leaflet drops I seem to remember included red cross return letters to POWs in Germany to aid confirmation of impact locality, the leaflets being ejected on motor cut out.

    Any way back to WW1. The game changed when the boxheeds moved from fixed linear lines of defence (Trench lines) to defence in depth (Redoubts and blockhouses with inter locking and self defence coverage of each other) Tyne Cot and The Buttes being examples, as faced in 3rd Ypres (Passchendaele) which was a mud ridden battle of small infantry fire and manouvre.
  6. Hull got V1's :

    Hull Blitz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. I get your point and have looked at the Hull bombing map before. It does though accentuate my point, the nearest V1 stick was over 15 miles away on the others side of the Humber. Her recollection must have come from some other source, but it is a firm memory that it did happen and was a frequent occurrence. In reality she would not have seen them or heard them but at some point she was told about them so in her mind it must of happened to her.
  8. Off topic, but this little bastard had more effect than a V1, and effectively closed down cities. Heavily censored as to its effectiveness. Cleethorpes and Grimbsby were paralysed

  9. I don't disagree, there's often something that could be described as an institutional memory, people participate by some kind of psychological osmosis. I've been told about incidents that I was involved in by people who I know weren't there, when I've offered corrections to details they've been adamant that their version is correct.

    Last year I had someone shouting at me because he'd seen a signal that 1000 sidewinders had been fired by the RAF in the the first Gulf War and so believed this was how many we'd fired. Aye, 1000 FFS. AFAIK we fired none, zero, zilch. There was no arguing with him though because he believes what he does and he'll go to his grave believing it. This is how conspiracy theories start.

    Note to self: Must not call work colleagues deluded cocks not matter how amusing everyone else finds it.
  10. I think the word 'Cock' is sadly under used. The last effective Royal Air Force Sidewinder missile shot, as my collective memory recalls. Was a Jaguar.
  11. Barring MPC's - aye. That's actually one of the incidents I was on about ;-) The other one was Treble One's multiple rabbit kill in 78.
  12. Now completely off topic:
    The later stages of the V1 Campaign were quite instructive. As the fixed launching sites were overrun or destroyed, the Germans increasingly used Air Launched V1's, especially on target sets outside the DIVER defensive screen. The German He111 came in low over the North Sea (under radar cover) before popping up to launch, giving very little warning. The gun belt was extended, but this took time. Quite a few Northern towns and cities had V1's launched at them by this method.

    The RAF dusted off old metric ASV equipped Wellingtons and flew them as AEW platforms on racetracks up and down the North Sea to try to detect the Heinkels before they could reach their weapon release point.

    The emphasis on the London attacks means that this campaign was mainly overlooked.

    Ive read sources that quote a failure rate as high as 40% for this method of V1 attack.
  13. Equally off topic. Due to the slow speeds involved, they even dusted off older Beaufighters as they were more suitable to the low and slow technique than were the Mosquito's.
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  14. It would seem that someone in the Luftwaffe had it in for Hull...

    Hull was also the only recipient of Butterfly Bomb (SD2) raids in the early part of the war. SD2s were the original scatterable mine system developed, along with the rest of the German landmine system, in the 1920/30s to support the Blitzkrig concept. The rapidity of the advance through the low countries meant that there were large stocks of unused SD2 sitting in bunkers, so the dumped them on Hull..

    I seem to recall that some V2 (A4) missiles were fired from the Hook of Holland and the Haagenbosch towards Hull in the last days of the war. I remember an interview with Raymond Baxter (Tomorrow's World) where he described his wingman "Cupid" Love emptying his machine guns at an A4 rising from the Haagenbosch forest and thinking it was not the most sensible of tactics...

    However Back to WW1..
  15. I seem to remember that Cleethorpes got a good scattering of SD2 and effectively closed the town down for nearly a week. So much so that it was a 'Hush-Hush say nowt secret' or they will realise how effective they were. I also remember back in the early 80's a couple of them being found, one in a tree half grown around and one in an attic of a house being demolished, an interesting EOD situation