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V. Rare Original Falklands Surrender Telex ends 13th March !

Artist Andy Wing, from Stoke Galleries in the Naval town of Gosport, has become the semi official artist for numerous military units including RE EOD, HM Submarines, SBS, RM and numerous Naval Ships.

His work can be seen here :- Stoke Gallery

He has kindly donated an extremely rare, ORIGINAL telex announcing the Argentinian Surrender at the end of the Falklands War.

These Telex's are so rare that until last year the Imperial War Museum did not have a copy. Fortunately a very thoughtful Booty had scooped up a roll of them at the end of the war and kept them safe.

He donated one to the IWM and another few to Andy.

One of these sold last year at an SF Auction for £2500.00

He has framed one together with a 'Yomping/Tabbing' Penguins cartoon. To save arguments he has left the penguins berets plain to be painted in the colour of choice of the winner. So there are no arguments about who was in front!

The penguin's kit bags can also be personalised.

Topped off with an ARRSE badge, this will be framed for the winner. 18" x 18"

Unique, very very rare, this will have a reserve price agreed by MDN and myself to avoid giving it away. If it doesn't sell, we'll sell it through a military auction house.

Provenance will be provided in the form of the 'liberating booty's name, copy letter from SF Auction confirming sale price of £2500 and letter from IWM.

Ends Midnight Sat 20th March. All proceeds to Hols4H

Winner pays £5 towards postage

Bids on this thread or private bids to mail@ukchallengecoins.com and I will post the amount for you


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