I live in the small island of Guernsey, a few hours ago a helcopter, moving slowly and at low level, flew right over my house. I heard it coming and went outside to have a look. As it passed my house my eyes were drawn to a flashing red light on my drive way, I believe one of the bendy V-Lite's may have fallen/been dropped from the helicopter, I've since looked this all up, and I'm wondering is it MOD property, and therefore I have technically stolen it?
Hide!! "They" are scoping you out for a raid!! On a serious note, it's not a classified item and as its been dropped, you haven't stolen it, don't worry about it. Get it on eBay. Some Walt will want it. Make sure you advertise it as " Para, SAS, Commando, UKSF, USSF, Delta, SEALs"


It's a targeting device for a Mahoosive LGB which is Enroute to ur location!!

Tin hats ready!

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