Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Guernsey, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. I live in the small island of Guernsey, a few hours ago a helcopter, moving slowly and at low level, flew right over my house. I heard it coming and went outside to have a look. As it passed my house my eyes were drawn to a flashing red light on my drive way, I believe one of the bendy V-Lite's may have fallen/been dropped from the helicopter, I've since looked this all up, and I'm wondering is it MOD property, and therefore I have technically stolen it?
  2. Hide!! "They" are scoping you out for a raid!! On a serious note, it's not a classified item and as its been dropped, you haven't stolen it, don't worry about it. Get it on eBay. Some Walt will want it. Make sure you advertise it as " Para, SAS, Commando, UKSF, USSF, Delta, SEALs"
  3. It's a targeting device for a Mahoosive LGB which is Enroute to ur location!!

    Tin hats ready!
  4. Wahey! I always knew the English hated us down here....must be tax related
  5. ..er, what do you class yourself if not 'English?'.....just wondering like.

  6. Guten tag mein sohn.

    Ich bin dein vater!
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  7. Now get that ******* hospital dug.