V for Victory

That is genius, pure poetry!
I still believe it was a shame that HM The Queen felt it necessary to change the name of the Waterloo Room, in Windsor Castle, to the music room, the last time she hosted some frog and Les Miserables. That was particularly unfortunate correctness(trying hard not to swear), not disimilar really to allowing the Free French to enter Paris first in '44. It should never have been allowed considering the problems De Gaulle and the rest of the garlic eaters have subsequently caused us.
The flag is a good idea, but unfortunately only a temporary gesture, as unfortunately in this f*****D up PC world we live in, someone will inevitably complain. It should be permenant, a lasting gesture that will forever show our thanks. Am i the only one that thinks it would look better carved into the cliffs!!!
well put pegasus, carve it into the white cliffs!

it would make a fitting tribute to the men and woman who gave thier lives for others.



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How about a few giant statues/heads like in Mount Rushmore? A giant model of Winston C making rude gestures at France would be so, so, fine....
there was a fantastic email doing the rounds, if i find it, i'll post it. The title said "David Blunkett finanly sorts out the U.K's Immigration Policy" with a photo of the cliffes with "F**K Off" carved in them, pure class!
Yes carve it in and install some huge speaker and blare out good stirring patriotic tunes. Infact, also platy the 1812 Overture. Thats suitably anti-french. The added bonus is that when the sound of the cannons is called for we could get some real howitzers to bombard Calais. If they could also strap an illegal immigrant to the shell then we've created a thing of beauty.
I decry this British nationalistic outrage! No ethnic minorities or disabled people were shown on that banner! Next, we'll be goose stepping down the streets - it doesn't take much to come to that, you know...

Something must be done!

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