V for Vendetta!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by MrPVRd, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. This looks good!

    Why does it have to be set in a "futuristic landscape"? A contemporary story would be more gratifying...:twisted:

  2. This wil be the one Bliar's son worked on as a production assistant, allegedly leading to some filming outside No. 10.

    Of course, everyone's 19-year old gets to do some work experience on a Hollywood movie. Nothing to do with dad. Noooo.
  3. Are they special effects or did they really blow the houses of parliament? whats that? they did? and tony bliar was inside at the time? ohhh yes!
  4. Quiet you fools the "Ear" is always listening!

    I read this in the "Warrior" as a nipper. It's original style in the strip was a little like the first Batman movie in that 40's technology and style existed alongside the ludicrously modern and high tech. The future in question consequently never seemed that far away.
  5. Johnathon Ross gave this a right slating on Film 2006. :(
  6. Iv seen an "ahem" advance copy and its an utter load of garbage.

    Save your cash.
  7. Well, I thought it was really good.
  8. I have mixed feelings about this, I too read it in Warrior many, many, many moons ago , I loved it but I fear it is a really easy story to completly feck up

    What I found amusing was after joining up being posted to Larkhill, those who read the original will know what I mean (unless its in the film)
  9. I saw it the other day in the cinema. Great premise, brave of them to be able to get through some of the ideas they were prenting where the good guys were koran wield terrorists wiht references to guantanamo bay and torture. Its all well and good until about halfway and then it seems to run out of stream and just drags until an ending that you saw coming hours before. Gets bogged down and very dull. Would have have been a very credible firm if they had just cut the last quarter.
  10. Might be due to the fact that the original story was cut short when Warrior Comic went out of business, some years later it was picked up again byDC (I think) to be finished but it always felt a little rushed, as if there was a much greater story out there but they didn't have time to or couldn't be arrsed to tell it
  11. I saw the movie and liked it. In the end I imagined arrse members turning out in their Guy Fawkes masks to converge on parliament.
  12. TOP MOVIE: Jonathon Ross must have speak out of his Arrse if he slated this. Imagine a Country where the airwaves are controlled by the regime, government corruption is ripe, the spin machine whirrs overtime and the ordinary man daren't speak his mind - who said it wasn't a modern day story? (PS. Natalie Portman looks well fit when she's about to service the Bishop).
  13. Alan moore had v for vendetta as a graphic novel in early 90s, including a couple of extra "out of sync" stories from the warrior run. The graphic novel holds together well. decided to wait until dvd release to see film, especially after moore has disowned the film version. Looks like comics on the big screen again as a disapointment and no replacement for original ideas/screenplays, e.g fight club, forgotten what a blinder the film was, matched the book
  14. Because it is yet another comic book adaption not seen the film or read the book however i do know the comic books (graphic novels if you want the pc term) had rave revues the film has not
  15. It's only a matter of time before "Preacher" gets picked for a print-to-bigscreen overhaul - which would be a terrible thing. If it's the sort of thing you're into I'd pick up a few volumes... I never really got into graphic novels a great deal but this one blew me away!