V Engagement/extension beyond 22 yr point

Good day all
Anyone shed any light on this for me please?
Been told will work along the lines of Aussie/NZ Armies. If you wanna stay 'til 55 and can still pass your tests crack on. Would certainly make that full pension (not just a 22nd of it) in the Army open to all not just LE QMs and the like.
We all remember how we forced the pregnant wimmin out bit and how much that cost us when someone twigged (Europeanly speaking)it was taking the PI55.
Has anyone challanged this yet?
Thanks in advance
The CA Mus and AGC SPS are moving towards the introduction of the Versitile Engagement (VEng). This would involve longer service to 55 but much slower promotion. It will work in stages so that provided you reach the correct standard at each stage you will be allowed to continue to the next.
Surely it has always been possible to stay on beyond your 22. My father finally left after 34 years, although he joined at 15 and so was only 49 when he hung up his puttees.
True there are ways but they are mainly thru' options such as the LSL which gives you 5 year extensions, very limited employment, no promotion and quite often reversion of rank (and pay and pension). VEng gives a proper career to 55.
V(Eng) LSL and Contuence is destroying the AGC as it will with all other Corps and Regts when it finally comes in. We don't want old codgers sitting around at WO1 and WO2 waiting for their very big pensions.

We want new blood, up and coming thrusting eager young guys and gals with new ideas that are dedicated to get the job done! Not old has beens that pasturing till pension time.

All the good blokes and gals that have what it takes are now getting out to civi jobs with prospects, instead of being held back by has beens.

Is this good for the army!
I doubt very much that Veng will suddenly open the door for current SNCOs to continue serving until 55. This would cause a promotion hold up for the whole of your Corps. It is more likely that it will be introduced to people who joined after a certain date (obviously TBC). It is certain to cause a lot of problems for quite a few years (while the whole idea of Veng settles in). Especially as not all Corps/Arms are expected to adopt it, this will mean that in a few years you will have an admin office manned by Cpls aged 28-35 ish, Sgts aged 35-40 ish etc responsible for thrusting Infantry Sgts aged 24 ish. Personally I can see a lot of contempt brewing. Anyone who has worked in a Tri Service Org will know exactly what I mean. As a 23 year old Sergeant i was responsible for approx 7 RAF Cpls and 20 SACS...only 2 of the SACs were younger than me, the Cpls all had zimmer frames as far as I could see. Unless there is a serious pay review process or the idea is adopted by the whole Army (won't happen) I think it will be difficult in terms of retention for your Corps.

Just my 10p worth.

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