V eng

Irecently accepted V eng(a mistake perhaps??) , with my 22 ending in Apr 11, my revised ROD is Apr 13.
With 2.5 years of my 22 left, I am heavily considering wanting to leave in Apr 11, and hence start resettlement 2 years before this, i.e.next April
1. If I have already accepted V Eng but want to withdraw this now, is this possible?
2. Is it possible for me to start resettlement in apr 10, with a view to leaving in Apr 12 (ie only completing 1 year of my V Eng)?
Or are my only possible resettelemnt start dates , Apr 09(out in Apr 11)/Apr 11(out in Apr 12 after doing 1 year of V Eng and hence only getting a year to resettle)?Apr 11(out in Apr 13)

advice kindly appreciated :(

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