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Discussion in 'RLC' started by giles1969, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. Any one know whether the latest V Eng board has been released yet????
  2. Latest info I have is that it has been delayed and should be released mid to end of June.

  3. Any ideas if this will be posted on ArmyNet, or will people just see their engagement change on JPA?
  4. Any ideas if this will be posted on ArmyNet, or will people just see their engagement change on JPA?
  5. Results published in a letter.

    The last board for RLC Long career (8 more years) had just 5 people on it.
  6. Is that due a lack of applicants or are they just being picky? I was considering applying myself but not sure I can handle another 6 years of this.
  7. Over 120 applicants, 5 Long offered. The Corps is being picky. Every soldier extended on V Eng Long stops a promotion each year for the next 8 yrs.
  8. Hmmm - I was considering applying for this, but am a little confued about the pension situation. I have heard- and read - apparently contradictory things about it.

    Is it the case that if you are on the NOTENG and were to go on to the 24 year career, you could PVR at say, 22 year and six months and still get your immediate pension? Or would you have to wait until 24 years?
  9. Sir Rowley,

    I hope you don't mind me interrupting on your forum but I have just applied to extend for a further two years to the 24 year career (I am RMP BTW) and the thread title caught my eye. The way it was explained to me by the Adjt and backed up by the DIN was that your existing pension rights are unaffected. What this means is that if you are on AFPS 75 and sign up to the 24 year engagement but then have second thoughts, you could sign off at 21 years and 1 day (thereby taking your service over 22 years but not up to 24 years) and still receive your lump sum and your IP as normal. The main difference to me is that I will lose my PVR rights and I think it affects my reserve committment slightly as well, but I might be wrong on that one.

    Hope that helps!

  10. The RLC put out a letter on this that was a load of bollocks.
    It said that if you took V Eng then you would have to finish that contract to receive an immediate pension.
    The Reality is, that as long as you are on the 75 pension and have completed 22 years colour service, you are entitled to an immediate pension.
  11. Wouldn't it be stopping more than one promotion a year for each V-Eng given?
    For example if a WO1 gets a further 8 years he is preventing a WO2 getting promoted, Which means a SSgt wont be taking the WO2 place, etc etc all the way down to a private.
    So wouldn't a WO1 (on V-eng) be stopping 6 people a year from getting promoted?
  12. Why would it be every year?

    If said WO1 leaves, then you would expect that slot to be filled by a WO2 being promoted (in his 18th year) and filled for 3 years.

    So it stops 6 people from being promoted every 3 years. If all slots are filled and sufficient people qualified and are above the quality line in all ranks.
  13. Do you feel guilty at all about ripping off the people mentioned in your post for promotion then FF?
  14. Considering that we are so heavily undermanned that we don't have enough qualified people above the quality line to be promoted to Sgt or SSgt.........Ripping people off, unrealistic!

    I see V Eng as a possible means to an end, if it does not materialise then I'll be signing off 12 months after I'm substantive.