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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Germanybhoy, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. So many rumours at the moment, I know this being offered to the Supervisory trades, anything in the rumour of it being offered to the RD Trade?
  3. Germanybhoy

    Just had a RCMO chat and got told to whisle dixie out of my arse as im a RD mong. he said and i quote " only 150 personnel in the Corps will get it and it will not be any RD personnel" unquote. It's great to be loved by the Corps.
  4. CHARLIE 224 nice one!! so i will take it as read thet i am pretty much Fu**d then. Best start to resettle then :x
  5. I wonder if WO in trade might open up some alternative career opportunities for some people who currently opt for RD or supervisory routes.
  6. I've already started mate!

    Better safe than sorry and also better than being at work.
  7. Probably best to start as early as possible.

    Thats what I'm going to do anyway.
  8. The way you described your last CR to me H_T_B I wouldnt hold your breath mate. :twisted:

    I dont know if there doing it in phases in the Sigs like there doing with the REME V Eng, it was something like 60 out of 200 for first batch of leavers in 2008. 130ish out of 400 for 2009 leavers (last month board)and Im in the big pot of 2010 leavers on the board in Feb. Decisions, decisions
  9. Mate, I would take your own advice there :wink:

    Promotions' for girls anyway :roll: