Long Story Short!
RSM sent letter from RHQ wanting it back next day.
Simple choice, accept V ENG or not.
No Brief etc etc.
I signed no, only just been told I could have still signed off in that period.
Finish 22 Years in November!
Do I have a chance of applying for it now, and what would be the possible outcome?
Any help or advice would be helpful!
I think the VEng offer was a one time offer that won't be made again. I would speak to your 2 I/C about it. I think it was very unfair on the RSM's part to expect to make an informed decision in 24 hours with you not having recieved a brief.
One of my mates was not offered VEng for no apparent reason. He appealed it, asking for reasons why and low & behold, he was offered it.
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