V Eng, something they didnt tell us?

While there has been numerous posts about the V Eng and what it entails, I do believe that there has been one nugget of info that has not been mentioned and it is this.

If you sign up for the extra 2 years and decide that you will get out on your original 22 year point, will you then have a commitment to the Regular Reserve for 2 years?

I am the February board and humming and hawing over whether to sign, and I do not need replies telling me not to do it, and having re-read my enlistment parchments, yes it was that long ago! It got me to wondering if by extending your service to 24 years you still had a reserve commitment if you got out early.

You might consider this a bone question but if you sign and then decide not to do the extra 2 for whatever reason and all of a sudden a letter drops through the door telling you to dust off your boots it could come as a bit of a shock. Now granted that a reserve call up is only done when something big kicks off, like Iraq and Afghanistan, but if you are liable to a Reserve commintment would it affect your decision to sign?
Surely if you agree to serve (by signing the VEng form) then you will be liable to serve?
Contracts are generally a 2 way agreement between consenting adults.
I did my 22 and still have a reserve commitment until I am 55, dust off the parchment and check the small print, All "pensioners" still have a reserved liability although they say when they send out all your discharge bumf that it is unlikely you will be called up your liability remains.
You only say "will you" which indicates that you don't know one way or the other. I have to say, in the brief I had, nothing was mentioned as changing on the reserve front. Nor the pension front.

Read the small print if you offered the chance to change.
I have checked my parchments and it states that if you leave before the 22 then you go on the regular reserve for the remainder or 6 years whichever is less. Then you move on to the long term reserve which is your Dads Army to defend the UK in event of attack.

But it will be interesting to see how many OC's can give an answer to this question. It may well be that if you do leave before the 24 year point that you will have a commitment to the reserves. But it would be nice of them to include that nugget of info.
As far as I can tell, if you only have a reserve liability if you leave before the 12 year point. After this I always thought that you had no more liabiltiy. i will hav e to check.

If it is as you say it is, then if you have done 22 then your dues are paid, and you sign off (under VEng) at 21 years and one day. To leave at 22 years and one day of service.

Bish bash bosh, jobs a good 'un.
I will dig out all the bumf but I was on the old Open Eng and part of the discharge information is your "liability". As a newly promoted civvie I didn't pay it much attention other than "memo to self must arrange war dodge for future call up"
From http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si2007/pdf/uksi_20073383_en.pdf

Reserve Service

25. If you serve on a Short Service Type "S" or on a Versatile engagement and decide to end your service before you have completed the term of service for which you enlisted, you will be required to serve in the Army Reserve for the balance of the period for which you enlisted or for 6 years, whichever is the shorter period.

26. If you are transferred to the Army Reserve you are subject to certain liabilities:

(a) You may be called out for training. This will not in any year amount to more than one period of up to 16 days and up to 4 other periods of no longer than 36 hours each as may be prescribed in the Army Reserve Regulations.

(b) You may be called out for permanent service in the United Kingdom or overseas when a call-out order is made under the powers of one of the following sections of the Reserve Forces Act 1996:
By the look of it, yes, if you transfer to the VEng you are liable for a further two years of reserve service, if you bail at 22.

If you leave during the short career, ie before 12 years, you would be liable for 6 years or less. But (and the distinction isn't made clear) if you go for a "Full career" would this then mean you were liable to 6 years or less reserve commitment if you left prior to the 24.

On the other hand this would also mean you are commited to 6 years or less reserve service if you left prior to the completion of your Long Career extentions.

Basically under O you were subject to one 22 year service. Under V you subject to two 12 year contracts and then further (possibly) 5 year (?) contracts.
I was recently offered V Eng and politely declined the offer...personal choice, however after 22 years enough is enough, time to go and let some younger pup fill my boots...the Army is a young man's game and i think there are enough old farts knocking around, including me.

Just a couple of thoughts, spoke to a few guys who have 'got it' some seem to think they can dig themselves into some tidy little mess tin repair unit and extend thier resettlement activity for 2 years.......jeez have i been a mug again :roll:

I think we are missing the trick, good idea with the VM retainer money, we should invest in other trades too, mtsn and rec mec in particular, for the boys on the shop floor, they are the most important people.

End of message...End of broadcast. 87B
The_mighty- you may be right about some of your points,but as a bitter and twisted true tradesman, I couldnt believe the latest list I saw for V-eng and was pretty p1ssed off to find how few of my trade group were offered it. Plenty of Vermin on the list though , best of luck to them if they want to stay in a Corps that doesn't really give a Sh1te about its members. When the likes of the RLC and the RMP are offering over 80% of their troops it with good chances of staying in till they are 55, what hope do we have. We might as well all sack it and let VT or the AA take over, at least they'd be appreciated. Enough whinging for now, got to go job hunting, Civvy street is the way ahead
Well, I was on the last list and told them right where to poke it. MCM Div bloke did not seem very happy about it. Made me feel a whole lot better did that.
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