V Eng, has anyone in The Corps bothered????

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. forum is a bit slow at present so i thought a new topic may spur us on a bit.

    been speaking to loads of blokes in the last year or so regarding this & i have not as yet met one that has actually signed on for it.

    is this because the army is poor/stretched at present????

    is it because they then have you contracted for the next 15 years even if you sign off they can still call you up within that time period????

    is it because in effect you end up losing money if you do all the maths correctly regarding pension vs pay????

    i know that the corps are primarily only seeking to keep in snco's & orificers BUT is that not a tad naive as a fully qualified jnco saves having to train up new replacements.

    i suppose the arguement of lsn's will come into that side of things but will that not put us back to the bad old days after "options for change"????

    please add your own feelings/comments.

  2. V Eng? Please explain
  3. I signed the VEng dotted line.

    I look at it as a means of giving me more time to do my Degree in Business Management, therefore helping the Corps out and me at the same time.
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Yes people are signing up for it. Check the Sapper Telegraph (restricted so no link) page 16. Several hundred of the WO/SNCO cohort have accepted so far.
  5. how many do you reckon because they are afraid of civvy street :?: :wink: :?: :wink:

    good luck to them but i do not see the benefits of it myself.
  6. Do new recruits go under the V-Eng now, or are they still under the Open Engagement?
  7. Personally I would've gone for this, but it was unavailable when I left('99).

    My questions are:

    What are the promotion prospects if you decide to carry on?

    Also when is it decided and by whom that you can carry on?

    Do you carry on in the normal roles or are you more admin\Q streamed as you get older?
  8. They initially go on to the short career (12 years) but must serve a min of 4. If selected they then progress to a full career (24 years) and then long career (30 years).
  9. With my basic understanding of VEng I think the answers are:

    1. Promotion stays similar to the old system but you stay 'in zone' alot longer.

    2. Glasgow decide who is offered VEng and you get offered it in the last couple of years of your contracted term.

    3. You stay in the same trade stream as far as I know.

    I have signed on for an extra two years but will only use it in an emergency. I have more than 4 years to go so will only use it needed. I fully intend to go at the 22 year point. These seems to be the attitude of many of the Clk Wks that I have spoken to.

  10. Cheers
  11. i know that you can withdraw your acceptance of V Eng at any time up until your 22 year point BUT serve for just one day after that then they have you by the bollox for the next 15 years.
  12. "i know that you can withdraw your acceptance of V Eng at any time up until your 22 year point BUT serve for just one day after that then they have you by the bollox for the next 15 yrs"

    So what’s new?

    Even if you have completed your colour service and reserve liability you can be recalled in an emergency until you reach the age of 45 (even if you PVR’d) with some exclusions; becoming a priest being one!

    Plus: Soldiers, whether male or female, who are in receipt of a service pension have a liability to be recalled in the event of imminent national danger or great emergency, or to defend the United Kingdom against attack, until the age of 60 - QRs 9.484

    Personally, they wouldn’t let me go onto V Eng, I’m too old!
  13. I was offfered it twice in the run up to me leaving the Corps, once while on resettlement and the second time in my last week of service.

    I decided to hit civvie street, no real reason, but was told back into the pot for promotion even though i had been passed over because i didn't have enough time left despite A's and O's, and back into the pot for posting and couldn't be bothered with a sh1t posting. I had also geared myself up to leave after my 22.

    Any regrets I have to say no, i landed a fantastic job, with much better pay, healthcare, company car allowance, overtime payments and pension.


  14. at least you were offered it., i ain't, not that i want it.

    glad to hear all is well with you.