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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by supermatelot, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. In the RN a V.C holder is entitled to having the side piped (and guard??) when entering a main gate. As far as I can remember. What is the score in the army? Is a V.C holder entitled to a salute? What is the Army equivilent of the navy "piping the side"?

  2. Don't know how true, but I've heard a VC holder is entitled to a salute and on any parades is the last one to march on and the first to march off.
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Everyone salutes the V.C. holder I heard.
  4. Bonnie Tyler escorts each VC holder everywhere they go, she holds open the door for them and gives a belt of 'I need a hero' prior to talcum powdering their bottoms
  5. This has been asked before, The best that could be found was on wiki that said they did get saluted and people from Beharry VC unit saying that he got saluted.
    However no one could find it written down offically, Does it actually say anywhere the a VC holder in the navy is officially entitles to anything or is it a bit of a tradition?
    I wonder where it come from because in the time of Queen Victoria I can't see anyone saluting a private no matter what he has done and since then you would only know someone had a VC if you knew him personally or he was in his No2s.
    Ps what the hell does piping the side mean?
  6. No bacon sandwich from the badge in the morning? Hardly seems worth the effort.
  7. Piping the side is carried out with a "bosun's call" (fancy whistle). Its the whistle thing you hear on old ww2 navy movies etc. The Side is what is "piped" (whistled) when a senior flag rank or other crosses the gangway. It is 4 seconds low pitch - 4 high - 4 low...Or is it 3? I've been out 3 years now.

    I remember from basic one of the questions on what occasion the side would be piped. One is for a dead body and then royalty and then VC...etc.

    Never seen it written in QRNs though..not that I ever read them.
  8. I remember asking the CO this at a mess do when I was p1ssed enough to actually ask him bone questions.

    Appararently, it isn't written anywhere and certainly isn't in QR's what HAS to be done, but has been a tradition from when the VC (and GC) was created that a VC or GC holder is saluted first, regardless of rank, and is also "last on, first off", a tradition that The Boss told me is still honoured.

    But considering we had no serving VC holders in at the time, I have no idea how that pans out in the real world today.
  9. I think there lies the ambiguity = nobody ever anticipated servicemen of our time as being holders and still serving.
  10. Is there an army equivilent of piping the side or is it just salute only? Do you not do bugles or something?

    Apologies if bone but I would not know.
  11. With regards to bugles there are some units that still use bugles but I've no idea what all the sodding calls are for. Current lot of guards in this place are big on bugles.
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  13. No.
    Along with Rum and Sodomy, that was left to the "senior Service"


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    Suddenly, VC's are "given" to COMMON SOLDIERS.

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  15. The bugle calls are:-
    wakey, wakeeeey!
    Breakfast is served!
    Naafi tea break time!
    Lunch is served!
    Naafi tea break time (PM)
    Dinner is served!
    Night, night, sleep tight!