V-22 Osprey Iraq deployment - NYTimes

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by winnfield, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. Accompaning video:

    Say what you must but it does look pretty cool.


  2. The video makes it sound pretty bad. Brings out a lot of the negative aspects of it, but it does look pretty cool though.

    25 years in development and will be over 50 Billion US, sound like any Britsish projects???
  3. We've discussed this turkey ad nauseum already. General consensus is that it's very pretty but people would rather walk than ride into battle in one of those. It's a fcuking deathtrap that can't do half of what was promised.

    Really? Well, you've got a starting balance of -26.
  4. Was thinking the same myself..............

    80 million dollars a pop and it still doesn't fly right. I could get my tortoise to fly for that.
  5. So which of Dubya's friends owns the company that makes this pile of sh-ite then?

    Someone, of the Ivy league persuasion will no doubt make a lot of money out of this!
  6. Reading is fun:

    In short, the program has broad, bipartisan support because it provides jobs and taxpayers' money to districts. Ultimately, all politics is local.

    Oddly enough, the Marines never asked for it in the first place. Bell/Boeing approached Congress with the concept, and Congress thought it was a wonderful idea (from a jobs perspective- Keynesian economics at its finest). The Marines got on board when it was made clear to them that this was all they were getting and they're desperate to get their hands on anything to replace 40yr-old CH-46s.
  7. The V-22 is a stinking pile of pork barrel politics excrement... only thing it will excel at is the transport of VIPs. The USMC could have doubled it's rotary winged fleet with brand new birds for the amount of their budget which has been sunk into the Osprey. Kinda sad as they are the service with the smallest share of spending yet they cannot aquire the gear they need because of this expensive monstrosity.
  8. Actually no. Because we bin our projects at the last safe moment, trash the jigs, burn the IP and buy their stuff. On a really bad day we buy their stuff but insist on changing a few things, the net effect of which is to add another zero to the project cost. If we build it under licence we pick the biggest bunch of cowboys you ever met to do the job and accept that it will arrive so late that it is practically obsolete (neatly ensuring that the guilty procurements people are already pensioned off).

    No point patting ourselves on the back that we would have been clever enough not to build or buy Osprey...